1. I find since the timeline change, when I post is no longer relevant. My followers are on IG between 8-9pm and the post from 10 am with 5+ likes is shown before the 8:15 pm post.

    I’m frustrated bc I average 5-10 likes per post but when I have a flash sale, 60-100 people immediately click through to my site meaning there is a large portion of my followers who see my posts but don’t engage.

    1. Hey Genevieve,

      Are you using any metrics to figure out when to post on Instagram? Also, if a lot people see your posts but don’t engage you should look at the way that your posting and switch it up a bit. Do you add variety to your types of posts? Do you ask questions that people can respond to?

      1. Thank you for the response! I use IG business analytics and Iconosquare to optimize days & times for engagement. I then line my posts up for the week on Sunday using schedugram so I don’t forget or get pulled away from work.

        I have tried asking questions but I get crickets. I also add variety with product shots, me working on new designs, my day-to-day life, etc. I get the most response from product shots.

  2. Instagram is coming really slowly . Updates are weak . I dont think it will be always social as mush as now .

    1. I loved the recent updates – Instagram Stories made a huge difference and pulled a lot of brands and people from Snapchat. I think they’ve made slower, more deliberate choices for updates.

  3. Interesting, but I don’t understand “how” Instagram and Tailwind would help my wife’s Facebook home business “CoZQuilts” would help her market sale her Machine-Quilted custom quilts, T-Shirt quilts, Memory quilts, Quilt Kits, Jelly Rolls, Fat Quarters, and Select Fabrics to a broader audience. From what I’ve seen published on the Internet regarding Instagram, there is a lot of loaded information about benefits, but little if any about how to actually take the First Steps in getting your “presence as a Quilting Business” onto Instagram as a business advantage.

    1. Terrell,

      You need to find some intro Instagram articles. You might like other article’s I have about Instagram like Instagram 101 and Philosophy of a Hashtag Strategy. There’s tons of craft people selling on Etsy and using social media like Instagram and Pinterest to build a following of people who’d like to buy their products.

      You need to start at the beginning of who your clients will be and then create posts on Instagram to reach them. Maybe the process of making a quilt, picking fabrics, showing finished projects etc. Using the right hashtags will help find people who are interested in the topic.

      Good luck with getting started.

  4. Thanks for these tips Peg. The recent update on instagram made it harder for brands to reach out to their target audience.

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