Sprout Social has five Instagram analytics reports to run. From their blog:

1. Instagram Engagement Analytics

  • Likes.
  • Comments.
  • Engagements per Follower.
  • Engagements per Media.While your engagements per follower shows how active your Instagram community is, engagements per media give insights into which of your posts are garnering the most interaction. This is great in that it can shed some light into what types of media you should post more frequently, as you’ll want to keep creating content that gets a solid amount of engagements.

2. Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag performance Report Sprout Social

3. Instagram Follower Analytics

  • Followers Gained.
  • People That You Followed.

4. Instagram Content Analytics

Instagram profile report on Sprout Social

In order to figure out what type of photos and videos resonate with your audience you need to dig into your content analytics. When you have a better idea of exactly what it is that customers are engaging with you can continue to create similar content to drive additional likes and comments.

  • Top Posts.
  • Photos Sent.
  • Videos Sent.