Solid Ways to Provide Value to Your Blog Readers

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Solid Ways to Provide Value to Your Blog ReadersHave you considered the reason that you're writing on your blog? If it's to get web traffic or make money from clicks on ads, you may need to rethink your writing editorial calendar. A great blog post can bring loads of web traffic and advertising money but your goal in creating content should be to provide value to your readers.

With each post you should be building on the knowledge that you're sharing on your blog to your readers. People have an almost infinite choice for finding content to read on the web, if you want to be heard on the web you need to provide value through information, education, or entertainment.

Here are a few ways that you can provide value to your blog readers and create a base of helpful content on your blog:

Using these ideas, you may get more web traffic and possibly earn more money in the long run but keep a mindset of providing value and being a utility, as Jay Baer calls it. This was a seed idea for Jay's best-selling book, Youtility.

Be a utility

“Create content that’s useful. Solve problems. This is where you can get into publishing presentations, and creating free social media tools (in my case). Spend some time thinking about (or even surveying) your readers about their most common challenges, and then create content on occasion that addresses those challenges directly.”

Make your blogging goal to bring value by being a resource for your readers. {click to tweet}

Create printable checklists

Regina of by Regina created a post with checklists for bloggers that they can use to improve their website. (pin it here)

Create a downloadable resource book in your area of expertise

My colleague Rebekah Radice recently added a downloadable book offering on her website which is helping boost her email signups. (pin it here) Repurposing some of your blog content from a series of posts or related topics is a smart way to provide value.

Share your expertise

Jimmie Lanley translates the language and nuances for people new to Google+ so they don't try to talk Facebook on Google+. Spoiler alert:  it doesn't work. (pin it here)

Embed a video and add your commentary

Sometimes people don't have time to watch a video. Providing a summary of the video with a few bullet points or quotes that will provide a quick tip or inspiration. I also like to add all the resources that were mentioned in the video so people have a clickable resource.

Create a pinnable graphic with a quote or bullet points from your article

Provide value to your blog readers by giving them great content to share with their own social networks. Aside from having sharing buttons on each blog post, create or include a compelling image so they can look like a rock star when they share your post. If you create a pinnable image, you're inviting people to share your post. If you have no images, you are missing out on a lot of social sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

Repurpose your blog content to build a Pinterest resource board

It takes time, effort, and careful planning but you should think about building a Pinterest resource like this for your blog.

Answer questions from blog comments or social media

I've been inspired for blog posts by regular readers who had specific questions or challenges that they were facing. I think if someone has a question, other people might be wondering the same thing and may not know who or how to ask to get an answer. If nothing else, one person will love the article and that might be enough!


How are you providing value to your blog audience? What blogs are your go-to resources for valuable content?

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  1. Peg, I think you’re absolutely right about where your focus should be as a blogger. Whereas I think it’s smart to have some monetization methods (you truly believe in) in place early on, I think that if they ever become your focus, you limit your blog’s value and your own creativity, greatly. 
    The bloggers I see that have their readers’ questions and needs in mind, have an endless list of topics, videos, books, and other resources they seem to be able to create. Your list here is an excellent resource for any blogger.

    Thank you so much for including my blog in your post. I’m so honored!

  2. Loved this post! The one that stuck out to me was embed a video and add a commentary. I’m one of the few strange alien types that prefer reading over watching, so I really appreciate when people do this! Not to mention, it helps with search engine optimization as well.

    I’ve been quietly stalking Rebekah as well – she seems so cool! Sassy too. 😉 I love the way she has her images all branded to look similar.

    Same with Regina. I found her through you and now she’s in my blog reader as well.

    And well Canva – I follow them everywhere. Their blog is a great value, not just for Canva tutorials, but for all design related content! It’s really good!

    As far as where I go for resources, my first stop is your Pinterest boards Peg. Holy guacamole. They are amazing. Then from there I travel down the rabbit hole and find all sorts of cool people to follow and harass on social.

    I also keep up with the Mia Connect PowerChat on Google plus and have found a bunch of cool bloggers through that as well.

    At the end of the day, there isn’t enough time in the day to harvest all the great content. I just keep shoving it in my pocket in hopes I can get to it all.

    Oh yes, and Buffer. I love the Buffer blog!!

  3. byRegina  I agree that you should put monetization efforts into place but I think that having all the other pieces into place are important too. Blogging is a lot of work and it’s hard to make money doing it. 

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m happy to include you. I really love your blog!

  4. I love what you said about providing value PegFitzpatrick! “A great blog post can bring loads of web traffic and advertising money but your goal in creating content should be to provide value to your readers. ”

    While traffic, leads and conversions are important, it’s equally important to remember that none of that comes without great content. You are a shining example of how to do it right and always keep your customer at the forefront of your mind.

    Thank you for including me!!!

  5. Love love love your articles, Peg. May I add to your list of valuable reading sites: Buffer. When I get an e-mail from them, I automatically click to the article and send it right to my Kindle for my night time reading.

  6. P.S. May I add: your articles go to my Kindle, too. One reason, like with Buffer’s, is that they contain links to other valuable articles. So, one article will keep me busy reading all night!

  7. Writing article is my main problem.. I am not good at english and I have registered 3 niche domain without thinking about article writting ,Now I understand it’s not possible to run a blog without writing cool reader friendly article.. I have learned many things from this post.. Thanks for sharing these tips and please post more about article writing..

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