1. Social media changes so fast. And we all have to keep up with these changes if we want to make the most of the benefits of social media. Thanks Peg for the tips and tools you shared in this post.

  2. Hey, Peg!
    It is an awesome article on the power of social media. Social media is a great weapon that helps marketers to spread their words among customers. Liked all the tips that you mentioned in the tips. You can also add social login to the list, it saves user’s time by allowing them login website using their social media account.
    Thanks for sharing the article. Keep doing a great job.

  3. Hi Peg!
    It is amazing to find articles like yours where you prove that social media will always continue to grow and how it is such a strong attribute to marketers. A lot of people feel that they have learned all they need to know when it comes to social media, but I feel like you can never learn enough. It is so exciting at how fast this field is growing and how much it is benefiting other people who do not necessarily understand social media as a whole.

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