Instagram 101 - 7 key steps to Instagram Success


  1. Loved this article Peg!  Especially since I think a lot of people (myself included) struggle with how Instagram can help their business.  Tried out the hashtag strategy and increased my follower count significantly.  Looking forward to experimenting with emoticons next.

  2. Thank you so much ladies for the goggling out!!! 
    Lots of great tips and very alive conversation. 
    So great to use the new strategy for hashtagging you as a way of thanks:)

  3. Hi Peg,

    Loved the article. Totally. So informative. I just can’t wait to make use of these tips.


  4. I am fairly new on Instagram and Sue has just helped me with my Bio. I am quite excited for utilizing Instagram to showcase my Jewelry. I think I have really maxed out with FB so this should be fun!! I also have just started to understand the hashtags and must say am getting so much more likes since using them recently. Your tip today that I just started to use is the CTA in the comments. Just did a couple now to see how that goes. 🙂

  5. Nice tips…
    i am looking forward to start a blog on instagram tips and strategy..

  6. These are great basic tips and I’m spending more time on Instagram thanks for sharing them

  7. I’m just wondering if you can tell me how to save pictures to my laptop from Instagram.

    Thank you and thanks for all your hints and information. 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot Peg, it’s always pleasure to read your articles!) I used to search for new client using the location tags, but since the custom geotags were set aside it became much more difficult. I own a craft beer shop, so Insatgram’s almost a perfect advertising platform for me, but built-in means are not sufficient and too time-consuming. is a good option in this case, it can run the geographic user search without sticking to specific geotags and interact with them automatically. It could only get better if there was a “gender” box in Instagram bio so we could use another filter. This is target promotion at its finest.

  9. Loved this article, so many wonderful tips. I can’t wait to get started using each and everyone of them. Keep up the great work!

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