How To Solve Your Biggest Instagram Challenges


  1. Hi Peg,

    I like your blog. it is useful and colorful .) Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Peg,
    It was worthy to read your post.
    Your Blog is always filled with useful post.
    Instgram is most used platform for uploading images and graphics on mobile. After the acquisition by facebook it has grown much faster.
    The tool you talked about “planoly” is really wonderful to have for any Instagram user.
    The features of it like organizing content, news feed etc. is really amazing and helpful features.
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    1. I appreciate your comments. Thank you for being a reader of my blog!

      Give Planoly a try – it’s easy to use.

  3. I’m downloading Planoly: from the AppStore while I’m reading this – it sounds as a very handy app! Gotta try it out!

  4. Great post! I’m happy there is such a time saving resource available.
    Glad to find you and looking forward to reading more!

  5. Great post. Just a quick question on user generated content. Don’t you need other users’ permission to repost?

  6. Hi Peg!!

    It’s been a long time since we’ve engaged – and still when I run into a social media problem I can’t solve on my own I turn to you and your blog. =)

    I actually came looking for some Pinterest help and now I’m surfing away with a bonus, too! You’re the best – thanks for posting the cool things you know.


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