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I've got the Google+ WordPress Plugin by Daniel Treadwell locked and loaded on my blog. I'm looking forward to experimenting with sending longer format Google+ posts into WordPress, in fact this is the first one! Only posts using the #blog hashtag, will be sent to my blog giving me control of what is sent in and when I publish it. This is a great social media tie-in for bloggers and even better for those that currently use Google+ as their main source of sharing content. Have you been neglecting your blog? This could be a good solution to keep your blog fresh and your social media efficient.

“As for the settings within your WordPress blog itself, you can select the number of existing Google+ posts to import, pre-select tags and a category, and select the status of the posts, choosing between published, pending, future or private.” More info on The Next Web http://tnw.co/ZbGH6i

I am starting with posts going into a Google+ category in draft status. Once the post is imported, you can easily edit the post and add a photo.  It pulled the hashtags from the Google+ post and used these as keywords in WordPress. There are two versions, a free version and a paid version. I purchased the paid version since I am also a pluss.es fan and let's face it, everything in life can't be free. Pluss.es is Daniel's other creation which pulls your Google+ posts into a separate blog which is great for non-bloggers. You can pin to Pinterest from your Pluss.es page but not directly from Google+.

Reshared post from +Daniel Treadwell

Google+Blog for WordPress 1.2

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version, both of which can be found at http://www.minimali.se/google+blog/.


There is an explanation of each of the settings for the plugin in a prior post that can be found here: https://plus.google.com/103697821787469756035/posts/UvHumFMNbai

If you think you need a little more help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh  of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/10/11/crosspost-your-google-posts-to-your-wordpress-blog-with-this-plugin/

Google+: View post on Google+

Check it out and let me know what you think or if you already use it.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, +Peg Fitzpatrick … it may be a solution for me. Sometimes I ignore my blog for too long!

  2. +Bobette Kyle It was really easy to set up and the content pulled over without a hitch. Try it out and see if it works for you too.

  3. Wow! This pulled in very cleanly and marries beautifully with Google+. Nice new trick, Peggy!

  4. Another great find, +Peg Fitzpatrick — wonderful way to create synergy between Google+ and your blog, while keeping your blog more alive. Nice job!

  5. +Paul Biedermann It could spark more conversation on my blog or Google+ depending on the content.

    1. @Rebekah Radice  We needed more toys, right? This looks like a really great plug-in, worked great on my first post over. Did you try the pluss.es page yet so you can pin from Google+?  It’s the only way to pin from G+ that I have found. Daniel created both and will answer questions on G+.

      1. @PegFitzpatrick I just created my Pluss.es page and am trying to wrap my head around why I would need this? Can you tell me how/why you’re using it?

        1. @Rebekah Radice I use it to pin my G+ posts and also you can share your G+ content with people who aren’t on Google+. There is a little button at the top of the page on the right, you can tweet it (or send it to Facebook). I think it was designed for folks without blogs but I think that it might pique the interest of non-G+ fans.

  6. Thanks, +Peg Fitzpatrick … working on installing now. Stuck on where/how to get an API key, though. 🙁

  7. I poked around and got some kind of api. lol! Made a tiny test post…next update is in 58 minutes. Fingers crossed!

  8. +Bobette Kyle You can click on the help thing on that page to find the API, if it doesn't work (which mine didn't the 1st time) if just gives you an error and then you can find the Google API. As my mother-in-law says, "we do things nice because we do them twice."

  9. Very cool. This will be very handy for Google + fans and I know their number is growing. You have a good point, those for whom blogging has become a chore will be happy to know that their posts just got easier.

    1. @wonderoftech Thanks for checking it out! I love Google+ and working smarter not harder. While I wouldn’t send all my Google+ posts over to my blog, it’s a great option for special posts.

  10. +Bobette Kyle Yeah! Put a link here so I can see what post you brought over. And maybe +Jewel Fryer 🙂

  11. Will do, when I do my first "real one." This one was only a test. Meanwhile, I found a good article to help with troubleshooting the plugin here: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/10/11/crosspost-your-google-posts-to-your-wordpress-blog-with-this-plugin/

  12. Just did my first "real" post with the plug in, to my wedding related blog. With no editing, it pulled in the title, text, and image nicely…even bolded the title, which I put on the first line, by itself, on the G+ post. There is a lot of white space at the end of the post, but easily removed it with an edit. Here it is, about the "world's first bouquet cam": http://www.myonlineweddinghelp.com/bridal-news/wedding-ideas/worlds-first-bouquet-cam

  13. +Bobette Kyle Very cool! That was easy, right? Looks great on your blog and I shared it too. Awesome!

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