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Five Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Google+ Post

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Wondering how to create the perfect Google+ post? Google+ is not rocket science, although there are rocket scientists enjoying the platform. Yet each time I go on Google+ and check the stream I see people making the same type of posts that are not getting any +1, comments or shares. I challenge you to put in a little more effort and follow these simple steps to create a more rich Google+ experience.

Here are my five easy steps to bake the perfect Google+ post:

1. Pick a fun, interesting or smart topic to post. Use “explore” if you need some help which is located on the home page on the right side of the top menu bar. This is also a great place to find people who are currently on Google+ to start a conversation with them on their posts.

2. Choose a bright, full size photo to run with your Google+ post. Do NOT drop a link and use the tiny photo. I'm currently posting up to 800 x 1200 but experiment and see what works for you. In Guy's words, “if you don't have the time to pick a great photo, don't bother posting.” Post some eye candy to grab attention.

Please make sure you give proper attribution to the photographer. Tips on that in Oh, Snap, Can I Legally Use that Photo? The bottom line is that citing a photo source doesn't give you permission to use the photo.

Here are 3 versions of the same exact blog article. Which would you  +1, comment on and/or share?

Dropped the link with a little text but the post photo didn't pull through.

Small photo with the link and added some text at the top.

Large photo with extra text in the title.

3. Tag friends you think might be interested in reading your post.  You can also notify people by entering their names when you create your post.

4. Use hashtags so more people can find your content. It's a great way to meet people and for other people to find your cool posts as well. I also like to add a little extra style to my text with the bold or italicized text. I use three or four relevant hashtags per post. I like to add #pinoftheday to my posts to let people know this one is special or important to me. The hashtags tie my content with other people who've used #pinoftheday, and people look for it. I started using this in July 2013, and now you can find it on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Even Pinterest uses it! The first hashtag you use will show in the upper right hand corner of your post once it's live.

5. Engage with everyone who comments or shares your Google+ posts. Communication and engagement can't and won't happen if you aren't there. Once you share your perfectly baked post, look around and join a conversation. Google+ folks are there to communicate with others! Watch and learn from those rocking the platform, and soon you will be too.

Adding a call to action (CTA) on your Google+ post helps as well. I like to add pin it for later, which invites people to pin my Google+ post or the item that I've pinned on their Pinterest boards. I include a link to the pin to make it easy for them. This CTA gathered 28 repins and 11 likes.

See, that's not so bad! All 100% doable and easy, right? Nail these basics, and you will see engagement and interaction pick up. Make a commitment to put in fifteen minutes a day on Google+ in the morning and at the end of the day for two weeks. I think you'll see that you really like it and have started to build a new community. Be consistent, open to learning some new tricks, and above all, ENJOY yourself!



Featured image courtesy of SweetShutter via Creative Commons.

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  1. Burning question! Why isn’t there a Google+ share button for this Google+ gem of an article?

    1. @collectivess I need to do some research with Shareaholic, thanks for pointing that out! I have it selected and there is a white space on the left of the LinkedIn chicklet.

  2. jpnetco1 Thank you so much! I appreciate you telling me that my link litter article is being shared in G+ communities. I hope that you’re enjoying Google+ now.

  3. Peg, I really appreciate all your G+ advice, as I am just ramping up on it myself after dabbling a bit. Do you have any specific tools you use to get those big photos quickly and easily? That is the real sticking point for me. Thinking I have to make a big pretty photo keeps me from doing it, and I usually just use the tiny photo included when you add a link. I’d love any tips that make that process quicker and easier for a non-photo geek.

  4. See?  You can’t even talk to me on your own blog!  What’s with you?  You’re telling people to do different things and it’s not even what you’re doing.  You are deleting these so let me just be clear.  To prove my point, you just shared this to G+ right after I posted my first comment.  I replied and told you how good the post was.  At the time about 4 people had commented.  You commented to everyone EXCEPT me.  What have I done to you for you to ignore me?  Not a big enough blogger for you?  Anyway, I think you’re a hypocrite…don’t bother commenting to me on G+ now, I’ll just think you’re trying to save face.  By the way, that post that Anna Bennett did on my blog about Pinterest, I actually thanked you for sharing that, and you still ignored me.  I was simply trying to make another connection and friend with you.  I’m a pretty cool guy to know and I (thought) you were pretty cool yourself.  Oh well, I guess I was wrong.  I won’t bother you anymore.  I’ve simply done everything in my power to try to get you to talk to me, but you won’t.  I’ve private messaged you on G+ asking you a question.  Clearly I was bothering you.  Please accept my apology, I wasn’t trying to stalk you or anything, just trying to make a friend.

  5. Wade32 Wade,
    Commenting over and over again on one post is kinda pushy. What do you think I’m deleting?
    I didn’t get your private message on Google+, what was your question?

  6. Wade32 Also, if you’re not circling me and I’m not circling you, I don’t think that any private messages go through. I think that the person has to be circling you to get a private message.

  7. Peg, I like your article and tried to go to your Pinterest Board you created with Google+ tips. It didn’t go through. I’m using Chrome so the problem might be me.

  8. Peg, I’d like some clarity about “full sized”pictures. My digital camera saves pictures around 3648 x 2736 pixel size which means a file size of 2.29 MB. When I write my restaurant reviews for Examiner.com, their site requires pictures smaller than 500 KB, I think, so I generally use a 500 x 375 image size, which gives me around 83 KB. I use a similar size on my blog posts for AberleEnterprises.com. If the picture is too large, it takes forever to load. What do you consider the ideal size?

  9. JohnR.Aberle Ahh good question! The maximum size for Google+ photos is listed here: http://www.pinterest.com/pegfitzpatrick/google%2B-resources-evang%2B/

  10. You rock out loud Peg !!!! Thanks for this post, I’m off to do some G+ baking. I can use some G+ help, and you just made that happen. Wooohoooo !!

  11. Fantastic Peg. I agree I was guilty but added a post last night that didn’t even follow all the steps perfectly, but I got the most reaction EVER!! I’ve just read your article again and will re-read so I do an even better job next time. Thank you!! You seriously rock!!!

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