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Pinterest Tips: How to Attract Your Dream Client on Pinterest

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Pinterest is primed to become even more critical to bloggers and business. Multiple changes to social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are sending everyone scrambling to recreate their marketing strategy. If you're a long time reader of my blog or you've seen me speak about Pinterest at an event, you'll know that Pinterest isn't a social channel. That's right. Pinterest isn't a social channel; it's a discovery engine and the perfect place for your dream client to find you.

All you have to do is spread the right breadcrumbs for them to follow.

First, let's take a moment to make sure you know who your dream client is. This can be a whole separate project because this is SUPER important.

Broad ideas like “I just want clients” aren’t going to make it easy for them to find you or for you to try to market to them. You don’t want to try to be everything to everyone – creating your dream client persona will help attract the right clients to you. Taking the time to attract your ideal clients will save you time and effort down the road.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What age is my ideal client?
  • Are my client's other entrepreneurs? CEOs? Middle managers?
  • Do they control a large budget? Or are they bootstrapping?

You can create a separate persona for your dream client with a secret Pinterest board. Think about who he or she is, what they like to do, where they shop, what's attractive to them, etc. Pick a name for your dream client and think about how your services will speak to them.

Example, if you're a blogger and you're hoping to connect with beauty brands, your ideal client could be MAC Cosmetics or Sephora. There are many different beauty brands so think about price, quality, style, product, etc.

If you're a virtual assistant, your dream client could be authors or busy professionals. You'll want to showcase your expertise and knowledge of processes and planning.

Need more guidance, hop over to ten essential strategies to find your dream clients and then come back.

One question I get frequently is should I use Pinterest or Instagram. They are very different.

Pinterest will bring you referrals to your blog, website, or products. You'll focus your time on Pinning your content, finding inspiration, and adding to your great Pinterest boards. People will save your Pins to their boards and click through to your link.

Pinterest has remained steady and solid for leading qualified traffic to websites. In fact, a pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet. Wow, right?

A Pinterest pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet. Wow, right?

Instagram will help you build your social community and brand awareness. Here, you'll share your day-to-day activities in Instagram Stories and chat with people in comments and messages. Most activity occurs on Instagram, and few people visit your blog.

Pinterest and Instagram both serve a purpose in your strategy – Pinterest is for long-term traffic to your blog or website. Instagram will build your social brand.

Build your Pinterest Profile

Now you know who you want to reach, you need to create a Pinterest presence that will speak to this person while showcasing what you do. Do you see how these two things need to align? You're online to share your business, but you don't want to broadcast blindly without thought. Sharing content to reach your ideal client will help you focus on what to create and share.

Start by creating one board that's your main brand board. This can be your blog content, products, or services. Be smart when choosing a name for your board so people will know who you are and find you by searching.

Use Keywords for Search

Pinterest images are essential, but text counts, too. Optimize your pins for search by including industry or niche-specific keywords.

Consider your target market and determine what they’re typing in search when looking for your product or service. Now use those in your Pin text areas:

Pin text

  • Title
  • Description
  • Link text
  • Board name
  • Link alt text
  • Image caption
  • Page title
  • Page meta title
  • Page meta description
  • Page meta keywords

The key is to use natural language for your Pinterest descriptions. Tell people what your article is about to inspire them to click through to read it on your blog.

How To Create A Smart Strategy with Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can be crucial to being discovered on Pinterest. Pinterest says the maximum amount of hashtags you can use is twenty. The number of hashtags isn’t the most important–choosing relevant, on-topic hashtags for your content is more important. Don’t just add twenty because they recommend it. I’m going to test four – five hashtags on my pins.

If you have some hashtags that work well for you on Instagram, try them on Pinterest as well. Create a focused group of hashtags for your brand to help people find you.

Example for the virtual assistant, #virtualassistant #proforhire #socialproforhire #mycreativebiz #savvybusinessowner #productivitytips #createcultivate #communityovercompetition

Hashtags should be:

  1. Easy to spell.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. Doesn’t spell something awkward or potentially embarrassing.
  4. Make other people want to join in like #TeamOreo. If the hashtag is only about you, it limits other people's interest in using it.

Make sure to check hashtags to make sure that they aren’t being used for another topic or reason.

Be an Active Pinner

Pinterest loves fresh content – no need to schedule your pins anymore! This means that you can create multiple pins per article or recipe and add them directly on Pinterest.

What to Pin by Day on Pinterest

  • Monday: Fitness
  • Tuesday: Technology
  • Wednesday:  Inspirational quotes
  • Thursday:  Fashion
  • Friday: Funny GIFs and humor
  • Saturday: Vacations and travel
  • Sunday: Food and craft ideas

Invite People to Check out Your Services

Use your description to let people know you're looking for new clients or have a new services menu on your website.

Use calls to action like:

  • Learn more about what I do here
  • Looking for help with your social media? I can help
  • Click through to my website for more about me and what I do

See how those will help inspire action. Use your own words and speak to the people who will love you.

Design and Share Original Content

Four Types of Content to Create for Pinterest:

  • Quote graphics
  • GIFs
  • Lead magnets
  • Free downloads

I hope this gives you ideas to start intentionally Pinning to build your online presence, bring traffic to your online property, and, most importantly, find those dream clients!

Please hit the PINTEREST BUTTON and pin this to your favorite boards on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Brand Checklist from Pinterest Expert Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Love that you’re adding content upgrades to your blog Peg! Great article; I’d also add that if you use Tailwind you can use their Hashtag finder for Instagram to create lists that you can use for Pinterest as well. Pinterest is best for driving website traffic and I find Instagram to be amazing for building relationships that can lead to partnerships (I met the guys from Thinkific on Instagram and now I’m an ambassador).

  2. I like the 3 simple call to actions you’ve mentioned. I haven’t tried these. I will use them re-written for my niche of course. I’m still learning about the potential client type/prospect part of it.

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