Three Things I Learned about Branding from Magnolia

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Lessons branding from Magnolia? Yes! I love looking at brands for ways to grow my visual marketing expertise. Magnolia is a brand that's built to last. Are you a fan of Fixer-Upper on HGTV? Me too! My mom and I recently went on a visit to Waco, Texas and had a blast soaking in all things Fixer Upper.

We went on a fun tour, and if you're a fan of HGTV Fixer Upper, maybe you'll recognize my guest on this interview.

Magnolia Market is the dream shop that Joanna Gaines put on hold when her kids were little. She had a small store called Magnolia that was doing well, but Joanna felt her growing, young family needed her. Fast forward ten years, four kids, and one crazy successful show on HGTV later, and Joanna’s built a customer-centric destination shopping experience.

I’d love to share a few ways that Magnolia’s brand spoke to me while I visited. Can you tell I was excited to be in front of the Magnolia sign?

Your brand isn't a logo

Creating your brand guidelines isn’t just about a logo. Every surface can be a positive brand touchpoint. Joanna’s lovely script lettering that she uses on chalkboards in homes she designs is one of the leading brand fonts that’s used on signs and packaging. A simple, clean palette of cream and black is everywhere mixed with fresh greens from the garden.

This cute corner was filled with cookbooks and kitchen gadgets, but it looks just like a corner in Joanna's house, doesn't it?

from our kitchen to yours

Speak to your customers

Speak to your customers through visuals and language. “We’re expecting tulips.” This is the cheeky sign in the gardens teasing fans about their new baby on the way. And the fact that tulips are coming up soon. Taking the time to connect in all places big and small adds a very homey and charming touch.

You'll find hand-lettering and the Magnolia market font everywhere!

Build your brand to last

You might start your brand as X and work in phases Y and Z for the future. Joanna convinced Chip to purchase the Silos, and there was a little building without a plan which became the Silos Bakery Co. Joanna loves baking and has a dream to someday have a small bakery. The line around the corner starts in the morning and lasts all days as people get excited about getting Shiplap cupcakes.

No trip is complete without a visit to Silos Baking which is located at Magnolia Market at the Silos. You can grab baked treats in the bakery but they also have food trucks. Gourmet grilled cheese, anyone?

Shiplap cupcakes at Silos Bakery

Create experiences for your Super Fans

The Gaines' recognize that people are traveling from all over to visit their little hometown in Texas. They've created vignettes and photo ops at every turn for people to capture their experience and share it with the world. This spot is outside the Silos Bakery with the hashtag #milestomagnolia and already is building a great community on Instagram with over 35,000 photos shared.

A visit to Magnolia Market

Branding from Magnolia to borrow

  1. Incorporate your brand every place you can. When you make a purchase, they include a thank you card in your lovingly wrapped package whether you're in store or online.
  2. Appreciate that people care.
  3. Use your visual space to create a welcoming experience.
  4. Think about small details. People may not notice each one, but they build up to a great overall experience.

When's the last time you gathered some inspiration from a brand? I loved soaking in all the branded moments at Magnolia Market. I visited as a super fan, and it did not disappoint!

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