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Basic Tips for the New Google+ User

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I hear you. Another platform? I don't have time to learn it. Guess what, you do! It's not that complicated. Denis Labelle shared a fantastic list of Google resources to help out the new user or those who joined and didn't try it out. Using Denis' list, I am going to hit some of the basics to get you up and running on Google+. This is your kick-start!

Why should you try Google+? Expand your horizons! Let's face it, Facebook is looking very vanilla and repetitive at this point. Create a personalized network of separate groups (circles on Google+) and make it exactly what interests you with the ability to tap into the circles in many unique ways. Sure, all your family and friends are on Facebook but with Google+ you can meet new people who share your interests. Circling people who like what you like, maybe knitting, photography or Star Trek which all have thriving communities on Google+, is what makes the difference.

Ready, set, go!

1. Your Profile

The first step to starting any new social media site is the bio and it is probably the most overlooked as well. The bio is the most important piece of real estate so take some time here. Chances are you have some decent bios on other sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter but the key is making sure that you tailor each one a bit. Google+ has the best profile real estate and, of course, using is properly gives you a Google boost in search.

Check out my Google+ About section for some ideas. It's really helpful to add a section at the top with circles that you would fit into. What does this mean? What are you interested in? These are the things that you would want people to find you to discuss. Make sure you take advantage of the rich area to link your other profiles and links to other areas of interest such as your blog, Twylah page, Plus.es page or maybe Facebook pages you manage.

Resource: Tips for a Fabulous Social Media Profile

Add a great photo and don't ignore the new profile page. I am really surprised how many people still have this on default, the change was made in April 2012. What are you waiting for? Create something cool today.

Resource: Welcome to the NEW Google+ Profile Page

Make sure that you add your Google+ profile link on all your other profiles so that people can find you here as well.

2. Circles

Circles are one the ways that you communicate with people on Google+. You can use circles to view content from certain groups of people or to share with certain groups of people. Creating circles, naming them wisely and organizing them so that you can share your content with those groups is very helpful. You can use your circles like Twitter lists to view only that stream in your circle. Circles are for talking to people, listening to people and can also help you find new people when people share circles.

If you are looking for new people to circle, search for the hashtag #CircleShare. From here you will see circles that people have shared that you can add to your circles. Just click “add circle”, name the circle and meet some new people.

3. Photos
4. Events
5. Hangouts
6. Mobile

I love the Google+ iPhone app! All the great ways to connect are right at your finger tips while you are on the go. You can chat  in hangouts with up to nine friends as well as add posts.  Check out “nearby” to find out what is happening exactly where you are right now. There is the option to save every photo and video via Instant Upload into your own private album. Lose your phone? Your photos are still on your Google+ profile. So many ways to enjoy this app!
7. Local
8. Get started now in 5 easy steps {videos here for each of the below points}

  • Introduce yourself
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Follow interesting people
  • Choose who you share with
  • Say hi!
Once you are ready to start posting, follow these Five Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Google+ Post. I hope you will try a few things here, starting with a great photo and profile, and get rocking on Google+. Circle me and get ready to meet a whole new community of friends.

I suggest giving Google+ fifteen minutes in the morning and evening for two weeks to get a taste. Tag people when you post, share things to your circles and make connections with current users by commenting and sharing their content. Before you know it, you will have started a community of new friends who share your interests and hobbies.

Are you on Google+ yet? What are your best tips for getting started? Let me know in the comments or on G+ if you have any questions.

Google+: View post on Google+ Reshared post from +Denis Labelle

Featured image courtesy of è·¯ä¸Šå†™çœŸå®¶ via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. good idea to help g+ getting bigger and better. grat help for all newbies here +Peg Fitzpatrick

  2. Glad you liked it +Willi Bambach +Omar A. A. & +Naveen Sivakumaran! Always happy to share your stellar content, +Denis Labelle.

  3. +Willi Bambach I'm always learning things but try to share the things that I wish I had when I was new too.

    +Denis Labelle I used your list (with credit of course) and expanded for my blog tomorrow. I hope that's ok. 🙂

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