Content Curation: 5 Tips for using Alltop

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What is AlltopA fantastic content curation website.  They bill themselves as “the online magazine rack of the web.” It’s populated by the TOP blogs from around the web and hundreds of topics are sorted alphabetically for easy search. It’s the ultimate content curation site since you can add the feeds from your favorite blog (they must be on Alltop) to create a personal page of your favorites. When you come to the website, go to your custom MyAlltop page and voila, great information to read and share with your followers.

Without further ado… Five Fab Tips about Alltop:

1. Set up an Alltop account. Create a MyAlltop Page. Here's a tutorial with lots of details for you.  Here's MyAlltop page.

2. Load the Alltop app on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Manage your feeds on your page to create your perfect content curation source. You can add or delete feeds from your page at anytime.

4. Use Buffer to collect all your great content to share. I use the Buffer Chrome extension to easily add content throughout the day.

5. Curate some great people! Check out the Pluserati Alltop page to see the Pluserati’s last five Google+ posts.  the Twitterati page to see their last five tweets:

A few of my favorite Alltop pages:

Social media marketing

Social media

Google Plus 

What's hot on Alltop 

I hope you will give Alltop a try and find some great new blogs to read. Let me know how you like it! If you are new to me or my blog, I have a #fabfivefriday post on my blog each week. I am experimenting with publishing in on G+ first, then on my blog this week.

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Featured image courtesy of D()MENICK via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. I just got lost on Alltop for about an hour..thank you so much Peggy. Great Post I did everything you said to do in the post…it is easy and so much fun . Thank you !!

  2. @susansilver Cause you’re blog is Alltop fantastic, Susan! I get traffic from Alltop to my site as well. 
    Have you created an MyAllTop page for curation? It’s super handy,

  3. @annelizhannan I’m glad this was helpful, Anneliz. I think many people miss all the great features and how much time a MyAlltop page can save.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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