10 Smart Gifts to Inspire Creative Entrepreneurs

10 Smart Gifts to Inspire Creative Entrepreneurs

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Being a creative entrepreneur is a dream for many people and is becoming a viable career for many others.  These gifts can help you or your favorite creative entrepreneur be more creative and productive wherever they are on their journey – from idea phase to actively working on marketing their products and services.

Honestly, the best gift that you can give a creative entrepreneur is your love and support. Doing what you love and putting your dreams out into the world isn't easy. Supporting them by listening and giving them encouragement is hugely important.

I'm going to share some of my favorite things that help me balance my on and offline life and make my own creative entrepreneurship work. I hope they help someone else – maybe even you – be more successful and inspired.

Adult coloring books

Adult coloring books are the hottest trend but part of what I love about this gorgeous calendar is that Jenean created her coloring books from her designs and self-published them.
2016 Coloring Calendar: An Adult Coloring Calendar Featuring 300+ Beautiful Coloring Pages for a Stress-Free, Relaxing and Creative 2016! Find it here

Color the rainbow

I love markers so much. For coloring my favorite Sharpies do not do the trick.

Try a fantastic rainbow of Stabilo pens for your adult coloring books. Find them here

My other must haves are Sharpies and Flair pens. I love my lists to be beautiful. And I love pens, what can I say?

Get organized

I absolutely love my Day Designer planner by Blue Sky. I received one as a gift at the Alt Summit and I love love love it! Not only does it look great on my desk, I really love the way it breaks down the tasks and makes it easy to see what I need to get done by day, week, and month.

Jot down your ideas

I can never have enough Moleskin journals. find my fave here

Pick the perfect size – whether it's pocket-sized or full page – so your creative entrepreneur can jot down their ideas no matter where they are. I use lots of digital tools like Trello and Evernote but my best ideas still go from pen to paper so I can flesh them out. Where it goes after the notebook is up to the creative entrepreneur, but having a secret stash of super ideas is awesome.

Apple or Google Play gift cards

Being able to buy the latest app for your phone or tablet guilt-free is a fab gift!

Happy light

If you're stuck inside at a computer a lot, you might want to boost your energy and outlook with a Happy Light. find it here

I'm in New England so it gets dark really early in the winter and we don't get much sunlight. Having the Happy Light is a good option to ward off the lack of sunshine.

Stay on track

With a kitchen timer! find it here

Over-working is a real problem for creative entrepreneurs. I like to use a kitchen timer to set my time boundaries to myself and keep promises to my family for when I'll spend time with them.

Music makes me happy

I love listening to Spotify all day. find it here

Giving the gift of music is really thoughtful. My husband got me a subscription to Sirius radio for my car a few years ago and I really loved it. You can get a gift card on Amazon for Spotify! Someone on my list is getting this.

Books to grow

If you know me or follow my blog regularly, you know that I love reading. I have stacks and stacks of books to read and books that I want to read. Personally, I love to read traditional books and I think they make fantastic gifts. These are a few I loved in the past year.

How to Style Your Brand: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity buy it here

I really enjoyed this solid book on branding by Fiona Humberstone. She shares tons of great examples and I learned a lot from it.

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso buy it here

We need powerful role models for success and Sophia really delivers in this inspiring book. A must for more girl power in your creative entrepreneurship.

Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media. by Aliza Licht buy it here

I can't say enough good things about Aliza. She really launched social media for the entire fashion industry by embracing Twitter early in the game in her role as Global PR for Donna Karan. She shares tons of great advice for business success in her first book.

If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland buy it here 

A really great book to help you let your creative ideas flow in your writing.

I hope this list gives you some ideas that can help your creative entrepreneur gift-giving easier or if you need some self-nurturing, I hope you enjoy something from the list.

Know that I am in your camp cheering on your creative success if this list is for you! xoxo

Some links are affiliate links for products – the items don't cost you any more but they do help pay for hosting on my blog. So thanks! 

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  1. Although I’ve been in business for over four years now, I still find myself searching for ways to balance my online and offline life.

    These are all great gift ideas Peg. Adult coloring books are really big right now. I’ve always known the calming effects of coloring. My mom has always used coloring as a way to relax. I actually just brought her quite a few adult coloring books and gel pens for Christmas.

  2. Since Christmas is coming and I am looking for the best gifts to give to my creative entrepreneur team, this post can really help me a lot. Anyway, thanks for sharing this one because I pretty sure they will all love the ideas behind these smart gifts you listed.

  3. Adult coloring books are huge right now. and they are so intricate and beautiful to look at. Taking the time to unplug and do something hands on is so relaxing to me. It really allows my brain to stop and focus on something different. For me its jigsaw puzzles and logic games.

    Great list! will definitely put some of these items on my wish list!

    1. Glad you liked it, Megan! I need to get mine coloring books out. I haven’t used them in a bit and they are really relaxing.

  4. You know it surprises how popular those adult coloring books are! I see them everywhere. Its a great stress re-leaver. Great gift recommendation. I know a lot of people that have bought them for gifts this year.

    1. They really are everywhere this Christmas! I think two of the top twenty books on Amazon for 2015 were coloring books. Cool trend!

  5. Hi, Peg. Thanks for these great suggestions! I especially loved your point about supporting the creative entrepreneurs in our lives. Spot on advice. Looking forward to reading your blog posts in the new year. Happy 2016!

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