Triberr: The Kick in the Pants Your Blog Needs


Once upon a time, long ago (okay, only a year ago), I started my blog. What I heard from bloggers before I started was that they had no readers, no one shared their blog and they were discouraged. I was totally blessed when I began by being asked to join Triberr on day one of my blog by Troy Janish. When I was a new blogger, Triberr was also very new and you needed an invitation from a member to join. I wrote a post about Triberr last July
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Want to Increase Blog Traffic? Some Fab Tips for Success

city street

I am going to share the biggest and best secret about blogging and how to increase your traffic. Are you listening? Lean in really close and I will whisper it to you: create great content. That’s the big secret! You may have a zillion followers and a gorgeous, high tech blog but people will not return if your content sucks. Bottom line. Provide value in what you create. That being said, I’ll share with you a few things that you can do, once
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