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How to Cultivate More Blog Traffic and Grow

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Getting blog traffic can be time-consuming. Naturally, everyone wants their blog to have a lot of traffic, but not everyone knows how to go about achieving this goal. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of how to cultivate more traffic for your blog.

I’ve been blogging for years now, and things have changed a lot. Social sharing is down, and it’s more important than ever to have a smart plan in place to get your blog posts out there. You don't have to live with shrinking blog traffic. My new favorite tool for my blog is CoSchedule. I want to share a few ways that CoSchedule provides helpful tools to really get your blog to flourish, and you’ll be more efficient.

Naturally, everyone wants their blog to have a lot of traffic, but not everyone knows how to go about achieving this goal.

If we think about a single blog post like a plant, then your blog as a whole is the ground it's sprouting from. There a whole lot of other factors that go into helping a plant grow, right? It needs plenty of sunshine, water, and sometimes extra nutrients to help it develop.

Water your plants

When promoting your blog posts, similar to watering plants, it's important to do so regularly, but you want to be careful of overwatering. Too many promotional posts about your blog might turn people off to it if you over-saturate their newsfeeds with post after post about your blog. That being said, too few posts, and your blog could wither up and die like that office plant you forgot to water. CoSchedule has a built-in feature, called “Best Time Scheduling.” It works like this, after you create a social post promoting your blog, simply schedule the day you’d like it to be published, and CoSchedule automatically chooses the best possible time, where most people will see it on that given day. So instead of sending out multiple posts in one day, maximize your efforts by getting the most potential out of each post.

Fertilizer or compost can be an essential part of a healthy garden, and your blog garden is no different. “Composting” your content can be an effective way to get the most out of your top-performing social messages. After you have created a few posts, you might notice some have outperformed the others. Rather than merely re-creating each post, you can schedule unique posts with CoSchedule’s ReQueue. ReQueue allows you to set up a regular time, where posts will be recycled at regular intervals, allowing you to save time, but still be providing your blog with the nutrients it needs to survive.

As your blog grows, you’ll most likely find yourself utilizing many different services available to you online. You wouldn’t hinder a plant's roots from spreading, so too should you allow the roots of your blog to flourish. Within CoSchedule, there is an integration function that will enable you to link your CoSchedule account with several other services, including but not limited to, Trello, Google Docs, WordPress, Google Analytics, and MailChimp to name a few. There is even a Chrome extension to help you curate content easier. Don’t limit yourself to one resource, allow your roots to grow unhindered, and use everything available to you.

my plants be-leaf in me

Let CoSchedule help keep your garden green, and provide you with what you need to succeed!

Keeping your blog fresh and growing is a daunting task. CoSchedule aims to make it easier, by providing you the framework you need to reach your goals. From helping you schedule to maintaining momentum, and encouraging growth, CoSchedule can make the difference between yielding nothing, and a bountiful harvest.

The difference between CoSchedule and other social management tools is that CoSchedule focuses on creating an editorial calendar for your blog and makes it easier to schedule out a solid blog campaign with different images and messages for each social platform. You can batch process all the social messages once you're done with editing your article.

If you’re interested, grab this exclusive thirty-day trial and give CoSchedule a spin. I know you’re going to love it!

What to do first:

  • Set your social accounts up in CoSchedule
  • Create your editorial calendar for your blog for the month
  • Build social campaigns for your blog posts into CoSchedule to improve your social sharing
  • Stop stressing when your blogs are posted
  • Focus on engaging with your community with your newly found extra time

Getting time back is a tough thing to do but using CoSchedule has really improved my whole blog post promotion activities from streamlining it to hyper-focused sharing with great visuals.

I think you’ll find your blog traffic will grow and you won’t have to stress about it.

Give CoSchedule a try here.

How to grow your blog

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  1. Thanks for the great read, Peg. Promoting my blog posts is definitely a weakness. But it’s true, you spend so much time creating it, you might as well spend some time promoting it.

    1. Hello Edwin –

      It’s essential to spend time promoting your blog posts after you create them. Good luck with your blog.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    Creating a content for blog is not enough, we need to focus on it’s promotion too. Here, great to know about the importance of “CoSchedule” tool for content promotion and how it works effectively. Here, I learned a lot about content promotion.

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