Triberr: The Kick in the Pants Your Blog Needs

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Once upon a time, long ago (okay, only a year ago), I started my blog. What I heard from bloggers before I started was that they had no readers, no one shared their blog and they were discouraged. I was totally blessed when I began by being asked to join Triberr on day one of my blog by Troy Janish. When I was a new blogger, Triberr was also very new and you needed an invitation from a member to join. I wrote a post about Triberr last July called Beating the Triberr Drum which is the transcript from a Twitter chat which was the top tag on Twitter for the hour that it ran.

Triberr has been a hot topic for a long time. Why? Innovation makes people nervous. People don't like change. And sometimes people are just jerks. At the time, you could automatically share your tribemates posts and people were opposed to this concept. Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo are the take charge, hands-on founders of Triberr and have dealt with the bumps along the way fantastically. I think I may have asked more questions that anyone else about Triberr but I have always gotten help and quick answers that have solved my problem.

What can Triberr do for you as a blogger? Let me tell you a little bit about how Triberr can help your blog grow…

1. Build your community

When you join Triberr, you join tribes. Bam! Instant community. People have conversations, share more about their blog and learn more about the people in their tribes. You can receive invitations from people you know or people who find you in Triberr. You'll meet new people with each tribe you join and this casts a wide net for your community. This is a good thing.

“Because of Triberr my blog has grown in ways it never would have without it. It has connected me with fellow bloggers and helped me to discover blogs – including 12 Most. It goes beyond a simple sharing system to being a community where we all help each other to succeed.” — Renee Dobbs, Magnolia Days

“My 3 tribes are a community of like-minded sharing bloggers. The impact of ALL of our exposure on social media is wide-spanning. Triberr isn't just about ‘me & my stats' but about the community.” — Eileen McDonnell Gross, Wine Everyday

2. Drive traffic to your blog

“ has quality listeners and readers thanks to Triberr. The amplification of my blog through Triberr has created a platform for my message to be heard.” — Emily Sandberg Gold, SuperModelBlogger

3. Learn, meet and connect

I have met many wonderful people through Triberr, really too many to mention, but one example is Rachel Thompson. I met her in a Triberr tribe and we are about as opposite as could be but I totally adore this chica! If you asked her before we met, she would have said I do not like positive people who use too many exclamation points. Triberr led us to a friendship and I am so blessed because of it.

“Triberr has brought thoughtful readers to my blog and increased my professional network on Twitter. It is one of the most important resources I have to connect with other bloggers.” — Susan Silver, Cirquedumot

“On a personal level, Triberr has been a brilliant way to keep up with the work and thoughts of writers whom I respect and admire. It allows for greater dialogue and deeper relationships in a fun and easy to access environment. As a blogger, having these tribes allows for greater distribution among known networks for your own work and also provides great content for your existing follower base. Triberr combines all the strongest attributes of social media and turns it into not only a great professional networking tool but a source of support and increased reach. Thanks Triberr & Triberr friends! You rock!” — Mila Araujo, Perspectives

4. Generate content and engagement

Triberr is the ultimate curation machine! Being in focused tribes with fantastic bloggers gives you fresh and relevant content everyday.

“Some tools are awesome and a select few are SUPER awesome. When it comes to Triberr, it definitely meets the super awesome category, while I love the sharing of my own posts by people who choose to do that, even better is the fact that all my favorite blogs are in one place. The posts from the tribes I'm in are over the top excellent and without them there, I'm sure I would miss out. Triberr is so fabulous it's almost wrong.”— Michelle Kay, Domestic Executive Online

“Triberr isn't about automation; it's about community. Yes, the traffic to my blog increased four-fold INSTANTLY when I joined Triberr but, after being a part of it for about a year, I've found that fact to be less and less important. It's the people I've met that really make it amazing and unlike any other automation tool. Not only do I trust the content I'm sending out to my audience; I trust the people behind it. I cannot thank Triberr enough for what's it done for my depth of relationships online. I'm a HUGE fan!” — Doug Rice, The Small Business Storyteller

Triberr is always tweaking and improving it's product and making the blogosphere a better place for all the bloggers who are a part of the tribal community. I hope you will check it out if you are not already a member. Stop asking “how can I get more blog traffic?” and take action!

Want to meet the fabsters behind Triberr? Bloggers take over NYC, a Triberr conferenceis coming up on September, 22nd.

Thanks to all who supplied their thoughts on Triberr so I could share them in this post!


Featured image courtesy of UNE Photos via Creative Commons.

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  1. you are so super awesomely fantastic, Peg 🙂
    Thnx for the wonderful write up and for being such a hug e advocate, Dan and I appreciate really appreciate it 🙂 

  2. I can’t agree more with all your points here, Peg. I LURVE Triberr (in fact, I mention it again! in my post today also). I’ve invited a few people who ended up dropping out by saying it’s spammy or confusing. I honestly think they just haven’t taken the time to understand it. It’s a pretty straightforward tool, with amazing reach and frequency potential for each of us. I couldn’t be happier I’m part of it. 

    1.  @RachelintheOC I think that every tool isn’t for every person. We don’t all have to do the same exact thing. I feel really blessed to have Triberr and it definitely made my blog rock by bringing more eyeballs as Dino likes to say. Those who are willing to put a little time in, totally kill it!

  3. I’m gonna comment in both places – I don’t know why. But I’ve already checked out Emily Gold’s blog through this one. I love surfing blogs, so Triberr is perfect for me int hat regard 🙂

    1.  @OneJillian Triberr is fantastic for content curation and meeting new people. When you are in a really good tribe with people who write well, it’s fantastic. 😀

  4. Peggy,
    I have joined Triberr recently, and attended the #tribeupnyc event a couple of weeks ago. Triberr is fabulous community and a great way to share your stories and messages. We listened to and met some great blogger/speakers, and I left the event energized and full of new ideas.
    Met some really cool people at the meetup, shared some stories, and have since become connected with them at a couple of other places.
    Triberr is a great way to spread the love.

  5. Hi Peggy,

    It’s awesome. Almost you have covered all the things about blog and how to get traffic to our blog. Experience never fails. Triberr is one of my best blogging community. I have to agree with all your points about triberr. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you back in my blog.

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