How to create a happiness jar

What Will Fill Your Happiness Jar?

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Could being more grateful for what you have make you happier? I think so. I wanted to share a little project that Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love shared on Facebook. Elizabeth started a Happiness Jar Project on Facebook that is engaging people all over the world.

In Elizabeth's words “THE HAPPINESS JAR, Project update! A few latecomers to this Facebook page have been wondering what the Happiness Jars are all about, so here goes. A few years ago, I started writing down my best moment of each day, on random scraps of paper and storing them in the jar pictured here. I lapsed on the habit for a while, but then started it up again a few weeks ago. I asked, on this page, who wanted to join me in this practice. As you can see, people have been posting pictures of their OWN happiness jars which, in turn, makes me very happy which then makes me put another piece of paper in MY happiness jar and so on, and so on, and so on, as the cycle of goodness continues! If you haven't joined us yet, just find yourself a jar, start documenting the good things in your life, take a photo, and post it. MAY YOUR JARS OVERFLOWETH!”

This is such a simple idea for creating gratitude for the every day, simple joys of life. These little tiny scraps of paper hold dear memories, thoughts and ideas that flutter by in our fast paced lives. I am so grateful that Elizabeth shared this on Facebook and love seeing her photo updates of beautiful happiness jars from around the world.

I will be finding the perfect happiness jar this weekend and I challenge you to do the same! Please share your happiness jar with me on my Facebook page, tweet me or hit me up on Twitter, you know I am around the social sphere.  What will I write on my scraps of paper? Fantastic tweets from people who share something nice with me, sweet things that my children say to me or maybe just gratitude for sunshine. Imagine looking on your window sill or shelf and seeing all the joy that life has brought you.

Happiness jar

Let's do it! I can't wait to find my jar and I am truly hoping that you will also take the time for gratitude each and every day. Connecting with each other and sharing our happiness will bring us joy and maybe inspire others to think about embracing a culture of joy, happiness, and gratitude in their lives too.

I started a Pinterest board to share Happiness Jars and ideas to make them.  Add, share or just enjoy.

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