Trippin' Ways to Get Started with StumbleUpon

Trippin’ Ways to Get Started with StumbleUpon

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I know that you have heard about Stumble Upon, a spinoff of Ebay, but have you unlocked the mysteries and joys that millions of other people are unleashing? These tips will help get started with Stumbleupon with some fun activities as well as gain more traffic to your website or blog. Join me on the StumbleUpon Nation but be warned: it is very addicting!

1. What is StumbleUpon?

It is a Social Network. According to StumbleUpon, “it is like discovering the best of the web — just for you.” Set up an account and get started! Find friends on StumbleUpon, choose people with similar interests or professions to gather more great Stumbles. Photos, videos and websites are just a few of the interesting things you will discover.

2. Pick your interests

This is what generates your custom content. Choose wisely and it will provide you with hours of great material. It also shares things that your friends liked, as part of what is popular on StumbleUpon.

3. Load the StumbleUpon toolbar

From here you can like something (with the thumbs up button), make a discovery (which is the first time something you like is being Stumbled) and write a review which is highly recommended. It also has easy-to-use share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; or you can just share with other Stumblers.

4. Don’t Stumble your own posts

It is considered spammy to share your own material but you can. Enlist your friends and fans to share your material for better SEO. The more you use StumbleUpon, the more customized your targeted your search results are based on your likes, reviews and discoveries.

5. Build your reach and engagement with audience tools

If you want to make money, you need to bring traffic to your site. Google uses certain things to rank yourself in search results. More StumbleUpon traffic means more traffic to your website or blog. “StumbleUpon is the 2nd largest source of social media referrals, sending more traffic than the remaining social media landscape combined.

6. Maximize your potential success

Save your best material for StumbleUpon. It relies on you starting a fire and sending that spark to people. Create a Stumble and email your list of friends to ask them to Stumble it. Get the ball rolling and get people to vote.

7. Share the wonderful things that you have found on StumbleUpon

Using your interests, you will find a treasure trove of interesting material to share on Twitter, Facebook or Google +. You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to more easily share.

8. StumbleUpon is on YouTube

Check out their YouTube channel “Stumble of the Week” with Katie, the StumbleUpon Social Media Manager. I love this video with Guy Kawasaki which shows how he uses StumbleUpon to find great content on Google +.  I blame Guy for my Google + and StumbleUpon time spent — it’s so addicting and a great combination, especially with the StumbleUpon iPad app.

9. Don't like a page that pops up?

Give it one of four thumbs down to help better sort your future Stumbles. Your choices are: not for me, report spam, duplicate content and block this domain.

10. This is a social community

Make sure that you complete your profile like you have on other social networks. Choose your communication level for notifications via email as well as what type of content you deem appropriate. Active Stumblers are rated by their activities and using the toolbar frequently and “liking” pages that they like or think that others would like to StumbleUpon.

11. How do you increase traffic?

Add friends to your StumbleUpon network, submit new pages, and/or use multiple tags to attract more users from a variety of sources. Rate websites with the thumbs up or down. All this information is tracked and maintained by StumbleUpon to use for future page recommendations for you. You can also add a StumbleUpon widget to your blog. StumbleUpon has a paid discovery feature that takes people to your page for plans starting at $.05 per visit — very reasonable.  One drawback: your website bounce rate can be affected by using StumbleUpon.

12. Check out the StumbleUpon blog

This is a great place to get the latest updates or StumbleUpon news.

Have you had any big successes with StumbleUpon? Are you ready to get started with StumbleUpon now? Have I missed a tip or trick — please share with me in the comments.


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  1. Great stuff Peg. Need to devote more tie each week to building a more active network on SU. I have 500 but not the best 500 I could find 🙂

    1. Thanks Michael! There is an art and a science to StumbleUpon and I am working on learning it!  I don’t have 500 in my SU network yet but I am working on it.

      See you across the platforms!



  2. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you for this helpful post.  I appreciate your generous tips and guidance with Stumbleupon!

  3. Even though I use StumbleUpon everyday it is a bit mysterious to me, so thanks for sharing this informative post.

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