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Tips for a Fabulous Social Media Profile

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Creating a bio or profile is one of the hardest, yet most important, things that you need to do for your social media presence. And it isn't something that you can do once and never think about again.

Just this week I updated my avatar and started thinking of all the places that it needed to be changed. Gravatar, LinkedIn, Twitter and the list goes on!

Power Tip: Always load a photo for your avatar and make sure that it is a clear photo and sized properly. (future post on this topic)

Here are some things to ponder about when creating a social media profile:

What is your goal with this profile? This is your brief chance to get someone's attention. What message are you presenting with your bio?


I like Chris's bio because it has all the essential ingredients: great avatar and you get to know a little about who he is. Click to follow? Sure!

Am I including the KEY WORDS that I would like people to find me with?


People searching for speakers, customer service and teamwork will find Kate and certainly click to follow her based on this professional bio.

Include links whenever possible:


Kelly is a branding expert and she started with her own awesome social media profile. Fabulous avatar with a branded image and you can click her links to find out more about who she is and what Twylah is all about. Perfect!

Be interesting and unique!


Dino has the trifecta with his profile: memorable avatar (stop making that face at me Dino!), starts with a LINK to his business which he wants you to see first and follows it up with some memorable text. Brilliant! Click to follow? Yup!

Please, please, please do NOT copy information from people's bios. Take these as suggestions given to help you formulate your game plan and create your unique profile.

Twitter is especially challenging because you are limited with the character count but as you can see, it is very possible to create something memorable.

Power Tip: Keep a list of all the profiles that you start with a link to them so you can easily update them when needed.

Google+ is my favorite social media profile because you have lots of room for text, links and visuals. Take the time to be complete and give people the opportunity to see what you got! This is my newly branded Google+ page and I love it! It is bright, incorporates my avatar nicely and gives a little glimmer of who I am.

Take the time to create thoughtful text that highlights your skills, talents and WHY people should circle you.

Some Google+ about pages I love:

Dane Findley

Paul Biedermann

Sounds like a big project to get everything set up for social media and it is BUT if you are going to do it, do it right! And review them periodically to keep them fresh.

Are there any profiles that have caught your attention? Who was clickable for you?

Featured image courtesy of Slava Baranskyi via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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