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Time to Get your Google+ Rocking!

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This week's Fab Five Friday is going to focus on getting YOU on Google+! I still hear a lot of grumbling about Google+ and folks not knowing how to use it. It is a very responsive network of people looking to engage. I strongly suggest giving it another shot.

When I first started on Google+, I had a hard time jumping in the conversation. But this is a social network and everyone here is looking to connect and converse. The advice I received was to “just get over myself” and jump in. So I did! I started commenting, +1 and sharing things and I haven't looked back. To me, Google+ is like a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, quicker engagement like Twitter but a longer format for questions and posts are visible longer like Facebook.

I hope that these five resources will help get you motivated to try Google+. Please say hi to me when you get there!

  1. Google+ for your Business by Toby Stein
  2. 12 Most Good to Know Goodies about Google+
  3. Google+ Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Activities by James Arnold
  4. 10 things to Ogle About Google+
  5. Find some great people to circle on Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users
Circle me and let's get the Google+ conversation started.
Featured image courtesy of Magnet 4 Marketing dot Net via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Thanks Peg. How about a post with more info likeย summarizingย all the best points and easiest way to utilize Googel+, rather than links to other posts. I know… asking you to do my work, but worth a try ๐Ÿ˜‰

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