Ponderings: My 50,000th Tweet

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My Sparkle Phone <3

I hope you will excuse the break in format this week but I gave my friends a week off from answering my questions for the holiday.

I'd like to take this pondering time to reflect of tweeting my 50,000th tweet this week and what I have learned in the past year or so. I initially started tweeting so I could share photos to The Daily Shoot which only accepted tweeted photos. It took quite a few tries to get the @ and the # correctly for the tweet as they request a certain format and I had no idea what the @ and # even meant. It kinda made me go #&#*@ but I finally got it correct.

Then awhile later, I started a job that I needed to learn about Twitter for so I began tweeting from my @Pegsta1 account to learn the basics of Twitter which was fun! I learned many things:

  1. The rules of social media are the same as the rules for social in everyday life. Say please and thank you.
  2. Not everyone is going to like everyone else and that's ok. Just don't be a jerk.
  3. Asking questions is always a good thing!
  4. As in life, there is always someone who knows more and less than you. Be respectful of both.
  5. Sharing is very important.
  6. Give proper credit for tweets, blogs or any intellectual property. Having people steal your phrases or concepts is not cool.
  7. If you meet someone new & you like them, follow them then. They might get lost otherwise.
  8. Clicking a share button or two is great but if you like a blog, please comment for the blogger. They really do want to know what you think!

The biggest gift to me that Twitter brought is that I have made amazing friends through Twitter. I work at home and when I first started on Twitter, I really missed having coworkers, people to chat with during a break etc. Once I started connecting with people, I always had someone to ask a question or just say hi to each morning. It has made a huge difference in my job satisfaction working at home.

I have been lucky enough to attend conferences and tweetups in Chicago, Boston, New York City and Hudson Valley. I have met friends from California, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, Milwaukee, Massachusetts and most recently: New Hampshire,  which is were I live.

I recently launched a new business with a Twitter friend who lives in another state and work with many Twitter friends on our collaborative blogging project at 12 Most. And I co-host #MyBookClub once a month which is on Twitter and have met many fantastic authors, learned from each of their books, their interactions with me and the live chat which I love!

It has been an amazing year and a really fantastic first 50,000 tweets for me.  I would officially like to thank YOU for your part in my first year! I appreciate you a lot!

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Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. I’m so with you, Peg! Your suggestions of how to behave are right on, especially the one that our behavior online shouldn’t really be different from our behavior in real life. Manners are manners and the anonymity of being online can encourage poor ones. 50K! Yipes! Congrats (I think?)…lol

    1. Thanks Bruce! I know it seems like a lot of tweets, there are a few people with more. I like tweeting, what can I say?

  2. Wow, this is a fun post to read.  I am going to be selective with my 100,000th tweet. ツ I may celebrate with a post too.  Great idea Peggy!

    1. Thanks Ann! I sent my 50,000 tweet to my best Twitter buddy. I really had to pay attention to what I was tweeting but it was fun. You should send something special on your 100,000 tweet and do a post too. It is a milestone!

  3. Aww Janet what a special comment! It felt like a moment to reflect and share.

    I greatly appreciate you and all that you do across all the platforms in which we connect.

    Big hugs and an ALOHA to you! xoxo <3

  4. So kind Brian! I am me ~ what you see is what you get! 

    Thank you for your kind comments about writing and 12 Mosting. It is something that I am very passionate about – I appreciate your support and participation in the 12 Most community.

  5. While i am still recovering from 12 martinis that you somehow pushed me to try over the weekend here i am with you again 🙂 Congrats on your 50K tweets Peggy and your sparkle that make my day every time i get a tweet from you…. XOXO 

    1. Friends like to share martini recipes, what can I say?

      Thank you for being so supportive and fabulous Jure!
      More tweets coming your way! xoxox

  6. Congratulations, Peggy. They were 50,000 very enjoyable and worthwhile Tweets too. Very good list. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Peg, fifty thousand tweets is definitely a milestone worthy of calling out! I’ve learned a lot about engagement from you, and am so glad we’ve had the opportunity to meet “IRL” a few times.

    Congrats and have a great week!

    1. Susan,
      I enjoy engaging with you online and remember way back when I first met you. Truly my pleasure to be your friend. I feel blessed to have met you MORE than once I hope that we have more tweet ups and fun. 

      Thanks! <3

    1. Are you speechless? 😀  Thanks!

      From @Thos003 : Less than 1% have over 5,000 followers and 75% of twitter activity comes from 5% of users. At 50,000 tweets you are rare.

  8. Hi Peggy,

    What a great idea to do a post for your 50,000th tweet!  I think I may do one for my 100,000 tweet. ツ Great tips as usual from you.

    Hope we will meet IRL soon!


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