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Pondering: The Key to Social Media Networking

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Networking. Does this seem scary to you? Unable to figure out where you should start?

I began pondering about networking and decided to go old school with my pondering post this week and ask some friends what they thought was the key to social media networking. These are all people who excel at making and keeping connections with a wide variety of people on multiple platforms and thankfully with me!

One of the main ingredients to success in social media is networking and creating the support system that you need to help you build and grow your social media presence. Consider the relationships you are creating and building with people online. How are you maintaining these important contacts?  Helping others with resources, sharing their content and engaging in conversation are all ways that you can build relationships online. Meet new people, introduce friends to other friends and make valuable connections. that will help establish your own community and grow in social media. Make good use of your social time.

All their names are links to their Twitter profiles, if you aren't already following them I encourage you to do so and see great social media networking in action.

Jeff Willinger

So many answers , so little time

1. It's fun
2. Be real
3. Give more than you receive
4. Attempt to get out of your comfort zone (kind of like dance like no one is watching)

Lori McNee

For me, the key to my social media networking success is a combination of the four “C's”. I am a Consistent social media user who provides high quality, relevant Content of value that reaches within and outside my niche. I Connect and engage authentically with my audience and often meet IRL (in real life) where I can continue the Conversation.

Tony Hastings

In keeping with my blog's format here are my 10 key elements of success in social media networking:

1. Be genuine. 2. Be positive. 3. Reach out to new people and 4. Respond to contact. 5. Build good relationships. 6. Write good profiles. 7. Use multiple social media platforms. 8. Have something to offer. 9. Keep up to date with new developments. 10. Don't over promote yourself.

AR Karthick

Whether you're using social media networking for personal purposes or business, ENGAGEMENT is the key. You see, it's not a one way stream. It's like crowdsourcing to form ideas and evoke improvements. If you would like your fans, followers and friends to get involved in bestowing some beneficial action to your brand, you need to pull them in. It's only possible through sheer engagement however good your business and products are. Try and find the right method, use the right content and tools – you're all set for the terrific social media networking.

Paul Biedermann

I believe the true power of social media is seen when relationships that are first started online are pushed offline. I look at social media as the door opener where relationships are nurtured and strengthened, but then really solidified after group meetups or face-to-face meetings. I feel like I can now travel almost anywhere in not just the U.S., but the world and call someone up to have coffee or lunch. I have met amazing people who know me, like me, trust me, support me, advocate for me, consult with me, partner with me and hire me.

Chris Burget

The key in social networking is building relationships through sharing great content. Don't be afraid to step outside your own niche when it comes to tweeting, pinning and liking others blogs etc., Be sure to expand your different social media channels to include Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, or pick a few social media channels that work for you. Have fun and remember that building quality relationships takes time.

Brian Rice

In order to be successful while networking via social media you must have patience, focus and full commitment.  While social media makes it easier to interact with other people it can take longer to develop deeper connections.  It is important to remember to engage with and highlight others and avoid becoming an echo chamber of self-promotion.  Finally be sure to take the time to connect with your social media connections offline to help build stronger relationships.

Jure Klepic

I believe that the key for social media networking is to understand how the social web is working in the first place. The web is build around people, and not businesses, and in order to be successful you need to understand the web and consumer behavior. Next, to be successful in social media networking you need to:

– choose the right networking platform
– remember, it's not about YOU is about communities
– focus on establishing relationship vs. focusing on what you want from connection (launch, meeting etc)
– be open and don't come across as “needy”
– don't expect a response and give space to your connection

These are few points that I see being broken daily and not respected on social media.

I hope that you got a few great tips from these master networkers, I know I did! What works for you for networking in social media? I'd love to hear about it.


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Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. AR Karthic and Tony are both top notch networkers, and whether they know it or not, I’m available at their call for just about anything.

    AR for one has stayed in my mention stream consistently as it has grown, even as it has become unwieldy and sometimes impossible to track. Even though we don’t get the chance to speak as often as I’d like, I know he’s making an effort to promote my content regardless. I usually get an opportunity to ply my craft for people like AR when they need it, so luckily it usually levels out in the end. They don’t even realize the influence they have, and if the other people on the list are anything like AR and Tony, they probably have the same kind of dynamic going on. I’m counting on AR to make sure that I get to hear his call to arms if he ever starts a new project or website that he could use my help launching.

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