#MyBookClub Month #1 with @GuyKawasaki’s #Enchantment

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On June 13th, the first #MyBookClub launched and it was an enormous success! I contemplated the idea of an online book club for some time; could a group of people have a meaningful interchange based on the shared experience of reading a book together? Leading up to the book club, there was no expectation as it would be a live Twitter chat which is like herding kittens. My wish was that it be enlightening as well as entertaining for all the people who took the time to read the book and attend the chat.

The first book was Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki and in preparation, a full hour of questions was created to lead the discussion. (hat tip Tobey Deys) Several interactions with Mr. Kawasaki from the time the book club was conceived in #Leadershipchat to the day after #MyBookClub, led to me to the conclusion that not only is Mr. Kawasaki an intelligent, astute professional but he is also puts into practice each thing that he discussed in Enchantment. He respects each and every individual and shares his experiences with others in a way that can make their lives better. He set a shining example by being gracious and kind to everyone.

Guy was traveling on the day of the book club but participated by tweeting from his car: let me tell you, true enchantment occurred. Not just by the fact that a man as busy him took the time to remember the date and time of the chat, but that he went beyond saying “hi” and answered my prepared questions too!

For me, the biggest gift was being able to share this experience with all the friends that attended the book club. It was a wonderful bonding time and people laughed while sharing themselves and their insights  about  Enchantment as we delved into the topic at hand. Each attendee arrived wondering what this would be like and left with a warm feeling of connectivity. To me, that is a huge achievement for a Twitter endeavor.

Keeping in mind that this was a live Twitter chat and all the information was sent in 140 characters or less, here is a condensed version of the Enchantment chat for your perusal:

Q1 Who, in your life right now, is enchanting you?

NickKellet Agreed @kmartone: #MyBookClub A1: @DanielPink and @Malcgladwell = authors currently (and always) enchanting me. Also agree re: TedTalks

thehealthmaven A1 – enchanting people attract other enchanting ppl, magnetic pull, can't help it, in their DNA – so love artsy briliant types

Q2 How do you practice reciprocity?

prsingleton A2: absolutely, not out of a sense of obligation so much as #gratitude

thedomesticexec RT, RT, RT did I mention RT? it is free ya know (this was a RT and quote from my personal blog which was especially enchanting to me)

GuyKawasaki I hear there's a book club meeting about an enchanting book!

Q3 Which organizations have enchanted you?

GuyKawasaki I have to say, Dymo Laserwriter Twin Turbo is really an enchanting product

Q5 What makes YOU Enchanting?

wilsonellis A5: I'm an EIT: Enchanter-in-training. It's a work in progress.

prsingleton A5: My loyalty, support, and dedication to those people and things I believe in…

thehealthmaven Q5 When we think of who we surround ourselves with, chances are, they'll all reflect a part of us

kmartone A5: Honesty and willingness to pick up the phone/mouse to answer questions

Q6 What is the biggest challenge for you to become Enchanting?

@GuyKawasaki Q6 Physical exhaustion

@wilsonellis A6: Finding the right path that fits me and my community.

@prsingleton A7: Seems that form no longer follows function, but I'm starting to really strive for simplicity…

Q8 How important is Empathy to Enchantment?

@thehealthmaven: A8 – Empathy lets you know what lens you’re looking from

@wilsonellis Q8: Empathy is vital to enchantment. It provides psychological air.

@NickKellet So true “@tobeydeys: Kindness all around is critical 🙂 RT @prsingleton Life is a learning process, be nice to yourself.

wilsonellis If you want a case study for a successful book launch, look at how @GuyKawasaki launched Enchanted.

GuyKawasaki #MyBookClub I have to go now. Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the support!

PaulBiedermann #MyBookClub trended nationally tonight on Twitter! Awesome job, @PegFitzpatrick and @TobeyDeys ! #enchanting cc/ @guykawasaki

wilsonellis @prsingleton Nice meeting you at #MyBookClub

wilsonellis @prsingleton #MyBookClub was great because it included old friends and new faces

NickKellet Me too! Great reciprocity! @PaulBiedermann: yet too @susanborst best book club meeting I've attended

kmartone First club was great! RT @PegFitzpatrick Confirmed w/ @thebrandbuilder for #mybookclub July 10 at 6 pm EST. Start reading Social Media ROI

Some stats:

Top Tag (3hrs) 1:#Mavs 2:#NBAFinals 3:#ZodiacFacts 4:#MyBookClub 5:#quote 6:#News 7:#kuwtk 8:#Tonys 9:#TonyAwards

Top Ten by Number of Impressions:

  1. Guy Kawasaki
  2. Wilson Ellis
  3. Tobey Deys
  4. Peggy Fitzpatrick
  5. Nick Kellet
  6. TheDomesticExec
  7. Paul Biedermann
  8. The Health Maven
  9. Jessoguns
  10. MonicaRicci

#MYBOOKCLUB HashTracking.com Report

639 tweets generated 4,886,120 impressions, reaching an audience of 473,874 followers within the past 24 hours

The 2nd #MyBookClub  with be held on July 10th at 6:00 pm EST and are pleased to announce that Olivier Blanchard, @thebrandbuilder, will be our special guest. We will be discussing Social Media ROI – #smROI on Twitter. This insightful look into ROI of Social Media, which is a very hot topic, gives real examples for professionals in the world of Social Media. Having had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Blanchard at the #unGeeked conference in Chicago, this chat will be nothing less than spectacular in content and flow. Olivier has a gift for breaking down larger pieces of information to impart his wisdom and experience on his topic. We will be giving away a copy of his book during this chat.

Also, pleased to announce that on August 14th Dave Kerpen (@davekerpen) will be joining us to discuss #Likeable Social Media which is currently number 7 on the New York Time’s Bestseller List.

Huge amount of gratitude extended to my co-host Tobey Deys, Guy Kawasaki and each person who attended #MyBookClub. Looking forward to many more in the future!
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Beautiful job on your very first #MyBookClub, Peggy!

    It was a fast moving, informative, fun-filled hour — thanks to your hard work and careful planning. You’re also the only person I know who could get a name like Guy Kawasaki to pop in from his car on the way to the airport. Brilliant!

  2. Thank you so much Paul – this meant a lot to me!

    I am expecting some great tweets from you next month when we discuss Social Media ROI. Always a great pleasure to engage with you in the stream. You keep my on my toes.

  3. Yes Peggy!! #MyBookClub is uber Fabulous!! It was utterly enchanting and I met some great new friends!! Can’t wait for the next one. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  4. Hello Cathyrn – I am putting up a Facebook page for #MyBookClub but you can also follow me on Twitter or the #MyBookClub hashtag – of course you are invited!

    Natasha – thanks so much my friend! You are also supportive and giving. Love getting to know you better.

    Hey Michelle! So glad to have found your sparkle in the Twitterverse! LOVE you too!

    Dane – I am so honored that I was chosen this week to be read & commented on! Wahoo! I need to count how many posts I have now until I reach my 100. Are you calling me fun & spastic?? Ha – you are fabulous!

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