12 Most Addictive iPad Apps

12 Most Addictive iPad Apps

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Is the iPad cool? Certainly, however; what personalizes it and creates functionality are the apps. Honestly, narrowing this down to my favorite twelve was a chore. A self-described app-a-holic, I am always checking out the latest and greatest. The key is talking to other iPad users and finding out what they love as well as frequenting the mighty app store. My theory is if it is free try it, what do you have to lose?

12 Most Addictive iPad Apps

Photo fun:

Color Splash: Photo editing is a treat on iPad and color selection is a fabulous way to put an artistic spin on your photos. This app changes a color photo to black & white allowing you to select certain sections of the image to highlight with color. Imagine a black and white photo with sea green eyes enhanced: gorgeous!

Adobe Spark: Create great things from your photos on the go.

Shutterfly: One of my favorite websites turned apps brings its popular photo sharing to your iPad. Load your photos, create albums and email a link to friends and family. You can order photos and have them mailed to you or printed at a local Target in an hour for pick up. Grandma across the country can chose to order her own photos or just enjoy on the web. Reliable and reasonably priced: what's not to love?

Social Media Sizzle:

Flipboard: Is like reading your own personal Social Media magazine, content chosen by you and edited constantly by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Photos are prominently displayed and status updates are presented in small tidbits which are enticing and easy to read.

TweetDeck: If you are on Twitter, you need Tweetdeck! You can easily set up columns and lists using this free service. Viewing your mentions, direct messages and lists of your choice makes this the go-to Twitter app for me in most instances. You can touch a tweet to make it a favorite or to show the whole conversation that relates to this tweet.

Sprout Social: I use Sprout Social for my business Twitter account, I strongly recommend if you tweet for work that you use a separate platform. You can also set up columns, show mentions and direct messages.

Business Functions:

Feedly: Great way to get web content on your iPad and read at your leisure. Simple, yet powerful this tool manages your reading materials and is customizable to boot.

Evernote: The beauty of Evernote is that with one account you can effortlessly sync info from your iPad, iPhone & computer! Take notes, create projects and insert photos by taking one or adding from your library. This hard working app allows you to take voice messages, tag items or cut & paste from the web.  Who doesn't want to be more organized?

Trello: My fave for organization. If you haven’t used Trello yet, open your account here. You need Trello! It’s like a whiteboard with super powers. (And it’s free!) This isn’t a sponsored post, I just truly love their product and I want you to be more productive too.


Pinterest: Inspiration to savor and save for later.

Etsy: Difference Makes Us. Find Items As Unique As You Are-Only On Etsy.

Netflix: What could be better than streaming videos on demand? Plugging in your iPad & streaming them through your TV! Netflix's offers a ginormous list of movies to choose from for a small monthly fee. You also have the option of receiving DVD's and streaming through your iPad using a connector kit. Forget the late fees, this service is incomparable.

These are my 12 most inspiring apps, I'm sure you have your favorites too. I'd love to know what you use and love. Yes, there is an app for that!

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts! I use HootSuite for my corporate account. It does have many nice features,especially the sent tweets which Tweetdeck doesn’t offer. I like way the direct messages are presented better in Tweetdeck.

  2. Hello Janet – yes, now everyone knows! I love apps a lot. Yes, Color Splash and Camera Bag are both available for the iPhone. I had them there first myself. Isn’t it amazing the photos you can take with an iPhone? I have some beautiful photos from an airplane window of clouds and the Grand Canyon. Cheers! Peggy

  3. Peg – great post. I have to admit my entire family has at one time addicted to Angry Birds. Luckily for me my addiction only lasted 1.5 days a few wks ago over a rainy weekend.

    I love the LinkedIn app BTW. Save loads of time!

    Blessed to you social sistah!


  4. So glad I stopped by for the first time b/c you didn’t kill me at dawn in a sword fight. (Thanks, Dino,for putting me in touch with this woman!)

    I was just wanting a list like this for my iPad2. I have most of these apps; however, I’ve not gone into picture mode yet.

    I’m also bummed it takes so long to download a movie to the iPad from iTunes, e.g. Haven’t tried Netflix yet. What am I doing wrong? I want to have them for roadtrips with kidlet. Thoughts?

  5. I am so happy to have met you via Dino!

    Go with Netflix – you won’t regret it! You can stream movies on demand and hook it up to a TV if you’d like. We love it! You can have one account for your house & run through your iPad and Wii is you have one.

    What are your favorite apps for your iPad?

  6. Hello Rob – I must be using the iPhone versions, I apologize. I use the same on my iPhone and iPad. Do you use both as well?

  7. Ahh the 2x scale up dilemma. It is definitely a person choice, some don’t bother me and some do. Lucky for us to have so many options, right?

    What apps do you use and love?

  8. OK, not finding out how I reply to you in comment 7 above. I came over to see what was new here and glad I did b/c we’re still talking iPad2 apps. Let’s see: I have Scrabble, Evernote, Pages, Flipshare, Qwiki, Ted, The Daily, Geocaching,Flipboard, Foursquare, Twitpal, Science360. Now, mind you, I said “I HAVE.”

  9. Ohh nice Jayme! I’ll be checking out a few of your favorites. I just love my iPad so much and looking for apps is guilty pleasure of mine.

    Thanks for checking back!

  10. Enjoyed reading those beautiful comments, It seems very useful and informative for us, Keep posting more wonderful thoughts !

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