My New Custom #MotoX has Arrived!

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My awesome friends at Motorola sent me a new Moto X phone! I selected a white face, violet back with orange metallic trim with a violet preloaded background. When I placed my order, it said it would take six days to arrive.

When I got the confirmation email, it said it would take four days to arrive. I placed my order on Tuesday, October 15th at about 10:45 in the morning on the Moto X Maker site and received it on Friday, October 18th at 2:43 in the afternoon at my door. That's amazing! I received several email updates letting me know what stage they were in processing it and received it in 2 days and 16 hours. violet moto

Here's my unboxing video. It's my first so please be nice. I love the violet color of my new Moto X but I'm a tiny bit disappointed that the orange doesn't pop like the photo above.

The migration process was seamless from one MotoX to the another, it transferred all my photos, contacts, text messages and apps wirelessly using the Motorola Migrate . It was really quick too! You scan a QR code that populates on your new phone with your old phone and voila, data transferred.

I also received a Skip for MotoX so I'll have to figure that out. Skip unlocks your phone with a single tap, no pin number needed. I use the OK Google Now hands-free function the most on my Moto X with my favorite commands being to set my alarm at night and call people hands-free. I have it set up so my phone knows when I call with OK Google Now that it puts my phone on speakerphone. It's pretty handy.

There you have it, my new custom Moto X phone. I was very excited to test the process and found it to be easy, fun and the definitely delivered on the promise of getting the phone delivered in under four days. Well played, Motorola, well-played.

What color MotoX would you choose?

Disclosure: Motorola is a client and this phone was a gift. They didn't ask me to write this but I did because I love this phone. 
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Big Stock Photos

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  1. Hi Peg – I would love to get a MotoX – any chance Guy could put me on the list of testers?

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