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How To Get More Out of Triberr

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This is a guest post by Dino Dogan, reblogged through Triberr.

Hey Dino. How do I squeeze more juice out of Triberr. I get asked this a lot.

First, I tell people “stop yelling at me”, and second, I tell them to install Triberr WordPress plugin and use Triberr comment system.

THAT is the best way to get most out of Triberr. Let me explain.

Triberr's Mantra

Triberr's mantra (or mission statement, if you went to business school :-p ) is to help bloggers be succesful.

And to bloggers, “successful” means three things:

  • Content distribution
  • Content generation
  • Engagement

1. Content Distribution

This is where Triberr began.

Triberr enables bloggers to form tribes and effectively establish a long-term Tear 1 supporter networks.

Since everyone on Triberr is a blogger -and therefore audience builder- each share is worth much more than a share by your average Joe Facebook user. Gross generalization of course, but accurate for our purposes.

This image depicts Twitter, but Triberr can bring the same multiplication effect to Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media destinations.

Once your content is shared by audience builders, their audience further shares your content. This is the essence of Tribe Marketing. And it's the only type of marketing that has proven effective online, in long term.

The challenge when we started was to make the system as ethical as possible. Which is why the shares are done based on quality of the content rather than on a point system, or payment, or something else that would mud-up the authenticity of the share.

I always tell people, tribe up with bloggers who's content you'd share even if they never shared yours, and you're golden. And if you write quality content, you'd be surprised how quick people are to share your stuff.

This piece of Triberr's purpose happens for any blogger, with any blog, on any platform.

But to get more out of Triberr, you'll need a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Note: We're working on a plugin for Blogger platform as well, so the following features will be available for non-Wordpress bloggers very soon.

RSS Geekery

WARNING: I'm about to get geeky on your ass.

In order for Triberr to import your post, you give it your RSS feed. The problem with this is that now Triberr has to check your feed at regular intervals whether you've published something new or not.

Given the staggering growth rate in membership, this is simply inefficient. Every now and then, Triberr may miss your new post because the load on the system is too much to take.

So first, we created a Manual Import option, but that was just a bandaid. To truly help with scalability, and to ensure a post is never missed, Triberr plugin uses a built-in E.T. Phone Home function.

This means that Triberr doesn't have to check for new posts. The plugin notifies the “home base” whenever a new post is published.

This is a MUCH more efficient way of handing imports. And by installing the plugin, you're not only helping yourself, but other members of our platform, as well. Because the system runs more efficiently for all.

2. Content Generation

Triberr is alone in what it does. No other platform works quite like Triberr does. The system is totally weird (good weird, not bad weird).

Triberr is designed -from the ground up-  to put the needs of Bloggers first, because Dan and I are bloggers ourselves. And we have family and friends who are bloggers. We are building Triberr for them.

To that end, one of the key factors separating successful blogs from not-so-successful blogs is content publishing frequency.

Show me a blog that publishes regularly at least once a day and has done so for many years and I'll show you a successful blog. In fact, most successful blogs (think Onion, Cracked, Mashable, HuffPost, etc) publish 15+ times per day.

One conclusion can be generalized from all this. If you want your blog to be successful, you have to publish A LOT.

But HOW does a singular blogger with no Editorial support, paid staff, or enough time in a day, publish one post per day, much less 15?

The answer is…? ReBlog.

With Triberr plugin installed, you can Re-Publish posts written by people in your tribal network. They get more milage from their work without any additional effort, and you get a guest post. Except, it's not a guest post since it's already been published on their blog.

All this is done with a single click of a button. Cool :-)

There are several other key benefits to this, so I hope you'll learn more about it here.

3. Engagement

Here is something that is available ONLY to Triberr members.

ZERO percent loss of engagement across ALL instances of your post.

When I ReBlog your work, the post will exist on your blog, as well as mine.

This is fairly typical. All successful blogs mentioned above re-publish content from other blogs. The difference?

When your content is republished on my site, we share the comments section.

You have read that correctly. When people leave comments on my blog, those comments will be visible on your blog, and vice versa. No matter how many times your post gets ReBlogged.

Here, see it in action.

I have a post about How To Build a Community of Fanatics. Leave a comment on that post, then go to a ReBlogged version of that same post on Dan's blog.

What you will see is the exact, mirrored, identical comments section, with your latest comment included.

Dan ReBlogged it to his blog with a single click using Triberr WordPress plugin.

Learn more about ReBlog and Triberr Unifying Comment System here.

How Do You Get More Out of Triberr?

I think the blogosphere is broken and it doesn't work for small bloggers. So, let's rebuild the blogosphere from the ground up.

Dan and I are building tools that help us compete on a more even ground with the likes of giant blogs. And we're sharing those tools with Triberr community. I hope you'll use them

Final Word

Is yours.

Featured image courtesy of KEXINO via Creative Commons.

Dino Dogan


Dino Dogan

Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.


Twitter: dino_dogan

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Dino,
    I was lucky enough to attend the TribeupNYC, last month. Besides the fact that you and Dan put on quite an impressive production, I learned more than I could have imagined.
    The whole Triberr concept is really cool.
    PS Thanks to Peggy for inviting this fabulous guest to her blog!

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