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How to Create 10 Unique Social Shares for One Blog Post

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Are you creating one graphic for your blog post and calling it a day? Guess what? That's why you're not getting any blog traffic or social shares. This post will help generate ideas for unique social shares for your blog posts and increase website traffic.

Researching and writing your blog articles takes time; the same amount of time needs to be spent marketing your content. Learning to leverage your visual media will help you generate more social shares and backlinks to your blog.

Remember, you must make it as easy and optimized as possible for people to share. Your readers will return to read and share more if your content performs well on their social media. Plan for those social shares and make your blog readers rock stars!

Here are ten ideas to create unique social shares for one post:

1. Design a Pinterest graphic

Please don't add one horizontal image at the top of your post and zero vertical images for Pinterest. Pinterest can be your blog's best friend but you need to help the process by creating highly pinnable images.

Pinterest graphic options:

My favorite: 1000 pixels x 1500 pixels

Max size: 735 pixels x 2,060 pixels for an infographic

2. Create an infographic

Adding infographics to show a visual interpretation of your content is a grand idea. You could also embed an infographic that someone else created that covers your blog post topic. [see below]

Infographics are highly shareable, and people love them.

3. Make a video teaser with one great idea

Once you've finished your blog, pick one point you love and create a thirty-second video to share on social media.

Instead of posting a static photo of my website update, I shared this little video which gives a sneak peek of my new site and hopefully inspired people to go check it out and see what's new.

Entice people to come read the full blog post but make something that's interesting on it's own.

4. Craft an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are one of the most creative types of video out there. They can be quick and spontaneous or planned out to the smallest detail.

Specs for video:

landscape 16:9 ratio or 1080×1920 pixels

Your video can be 3 to 60 seconds long

Three important things about this type of video:

  1. Stay live for 24 hours. Or you can share it as a post. Or add as a new “Highlight.”
  2. You can download them to save.
  3. Being creative goes a very long way.

There are many different kinds of Instagram Stories that you can create. If you want to create a Story that is made up of multiple videos, you can create an outline or storyboard for your videos.

5. Make a GIF

Have you brought GIFs into your blog visual mix? GIFs are fun and easy to use.

GIFs are a looping video that repeats. They’re mesmerizing. Instagram’s Boomerangs are similar but the video plays forward and backward – it’s not a simple repeating loop like a GIF.

GIFs give context to your text. People use them to have conversations and express things with humor.

Steps to add a Boomerang to your blog as a GIF:

  1. Save Boomerang to your phone
  2. Send to your computer
  3. Upload to GIPHY to create your GIF
  4. Download GIF and add to your blog post. I dragged and dropped this one into my article in visual mode.

This is a Boomerang that I created with Sue Zimmerman when we were shopping. It's helpful to work with a partner to create cool media. You can't take this one by yourself.

6. Shoot a video for YouTube

The great thing about shooting videos for YouTube is that you can re-film it if you don't like it. Being on camera can be scary but practice will definitely improve your skills.

Get over your fear of feeling stupid while talking to your camera or phone and you've won a big part of the battle.

Get ready to roll with these useful video tips:

  1. Whenever you don’t know what to say, take a breath.
  2. Talk loudly, quickly, and energetically. You aren’t reading a book, you’re trying to engage someone in thirty seconds so they will stick around and watch your video.
  3. ALWAYS look into the camera! If you find yourself looking away, take a deep breath and start the sentence over again.
  4. Move around in between sentences. It makes the video more visually intriguing.

7. Add a video to LinkedIn

Native video on LinkedIn is an authentic way to reach your business connections. People want to do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Seeing your face and hearing your voice can help deepen the bond.

From Viveka Von Rosen, “To share native video on LinkedIn, open the app on your mobile device. In the share box on the home screen, tap the video camera icon.

Click the video camera icon to create a LinkedIn video update.

Click the video camera icon to create a LinkedIn video update.

On the next screen, choose a pre-recorded video from your camera roll or click Video to record a video on the spot (your video will automatically be saved to your camera roll).

Select a video from your camera roll or record a new one for LinkedIn.” Your video must be at least three seconds long and can go up to ten minutes. Two to three minutes is a good target length.

How easy is that?

LinkedIn has some basic requirements for native video. Upload notes:

Android: You can still access and use other applications while your video is uploaded in the background. You should receive a notification when your video is ready to view.

iOS: To successfully upload, you'll need to remain in the LinkedIn app while the video is uploading. You may experience the upload stall while the app is in the background. You can use other applications once the video is uploaded and begins processing. You should receive a notification when your video is ready to view.

8. Write multiple tweets

Variety is the spice of life! Here's an example of three tweets that I could [and will] use to share this article:

  1. Bloggers – are you looking for ways to get more social shares but write fewer blog posts? It's possible! Read my ideas here: [LINK] #smm #blogging
  2. I came up with ten ideas for creating content from one blog post! Can you think of another? Share it here [LINK] #visualmedia #blogideas
  3. Here's why you should create multiple media for your blog posts, with 10 examples for you to try! [LINK] #bloggers #blogtips

Add two or three hashtags and an image, and you're set!

9. Tell a story in an Instagram post

What inspired you to write your blog post? Give some insight you didn't share in the article that puts a face on your content and helps share your story with a twist.

Did you learn something new while writing it? Find a new blog while you are researching.

This is interesting!

10. Turn your article into a podcast

People love to listen to podcasts. My good friend Rebekah Radice has a blog and podcast. She creates them together so people can listen or read her blog.

This gets her found on iTunes [every iPhone out there!] and is future-proofing her content by creating multiple ways to find her and consume her content.

Rebekah says, “While high-quality, relevant content has been the key to attracting attention, driving traffic, acquiring new leads, and bringing customers to your doorstep….

That won’t change.

What will change is how you create and position the content you share.

Whether it’s a blog post or creating ebooks, infographics, visuals, webinars, or social posts, the focus is relevance and personalization.

Take your piece of content and speak to your audience of one instead of shouting at an audience of none.”

Take these great ideas and turn them into social shares for your blog. You're welcome.

What cool things have you designed for your blog to create interesting and optimized social shares? 

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  1. Peg, I loved these tips! Blogging more frequently is a goal of mine this year. One of my favorites to add to blogs is infographics, so you inspired me to create more this year.

    1. Hey Nicte,

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I wish I could make better infographics – I’ve made a few and they’re ok but not my favorite. There’s definitely an art to making one that provides value and is interesting.


  2. Great info at just the right time! I saw this somewhere else and have been looking for it.
    However, you have gone in to much more detail.
    Thank you!!

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