How I Created My Dream Living Room

How I Created My Dream Living Room with @theHavenly

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I’m super excited to share my partnership with Havenly and share my design project with you! Havenly is a design app where you work in real-time with a designer of your choice. If you’re like me and always wanted to work with a professional interior design expert but were afraid of it being cost-prohibitive, you’re going to love Havenly as much as I do!

Havenly was created to help real people tackle real-life design issues with personalized advice from an interior design expert. I found Havenly on Skillshare, looking through the interior design courses. Havenly Designer Lauren Cox has a class called Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space. Once I dove into it, I realized I might be able to do it myself, but I really wanted to work with a professional.

Havenly has two plans: $169 for a full makeover or $79 for a mini room refresh. SO AFFORDABLE!! I picked the bigger plan for a full room since I had a totally empty space.


It’s scary and exciting to look at an empty room [or one that needs refreshing] and come up with a plan. I don’t frequently redecorate so I know that the things I chose will be in my home for a long time. If you know me from social media or my blog, you know I LOVE Pinterest but sometimes having too many ideas can be a bad thing. Working with a Havenly designer was perfect for me. I love to do things virtually so I can squeeze things in when I have time. 

Not knowing exactly what I wanted to create in my living room, using the quiz in the app helped me determine what look and feel I wanted for my living room. I ended up with a combination style: Glam and Preppy. I wanted my room to be elegant but also a place where we could relax and enjoy our home.

WANT TO FIND YOUR STYLE? Take their Interior Design Style quiz 

Working with a designer

One thing I really loved it that I got to choose my designer. Looking through the app, I was able to see what types of designs they had created. I checked out their Pinterest and Instagram accounts as well as their other Havenly designs.

I could ask as many questions as I wanted throughout the whole process and use the Havenly app to communicate with my designer, and it also popped in my text messages.

Here are the three ideas that my designer, Heather, created:

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly
Bright whimsy
How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly
Emerald elegance
Dramatic details

Here's the concept Heather created after we chatted more:

Havenly living room design

We worked together more to come up with precisely what I was looking for. These are the final designs Heather created for me:

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly

It's it beautiful!! I really love the final design. I used this as my road map for laying out my room myself!

Then I ordered things in the app with one click, and I tracked my purchases in the app too! I got notifications for shipping. Havenly offers price matching if a lower price is found on one of the seller’s sites. I was able to use discount codes from different websites when I ordered, which helped with the budget. The whole process was so easy!

My dream living room

Here are a few photos of my living room:

Mt dream living room created with Havenly

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly

My dream living room created with Havenly

The one thing you don't see in my photos is the large pink artwork for over the mantle which is on backorder from Pottery Barn. I've created a different arrangement while we wait and I really like it. You always have to have a plan b, right? 

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly

I did add a few things that I found locally into my design. The flower pots are from a local florist and there are a few accessories from Pier One and Target that I found.

I love these two marble picture frames from World Market. If you notice in a photo above on the mantle the aren't there because they actually broke when we were measuring for the electrician to put the sconces in. They both fell and broke. I reordered them because they added so much to the mantle but they weren't expensive. Also, marble hurts a lot when it falls on your bare feet. OUCH!

How I created my dream living room with @theHavenly

Winston loves it.


  • Save time – One site, one checkout — it’s the fastest way to shop for your home.
  • Sit back & relax – Havenly handles your orders, returns, and everything in between.
  • Save money – Havenly looks for the best shopping options and honors seller promo codes. I choose my budget and each item that is in the room based on my designer’s suggestions.

My home is now a DREAM, and it’s all because of Havenly! It’s the easiest way to work with an interior designer, all online. You can use my referral link, and get $50 off a Full design package or $20 off a Mini design package: TRY IT HERE


If you’re not sure, take the home design style to see what inspires you.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my design process for my new living room. It makes me smile every time I see it! What's your favorite detail in the room? I'd love to know what you think!

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