Fascinate with Sally Hogshead #MyBookClub September 2011

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This month in #MyBookClub I had the pleasure of reading Fascinate by Sally Hogshead, it is a MUST read book not only for business but great life lessons as well. Is you aren’t familiar with Sally’s work, please check out her YouTube stream and watch her videos and by all means buy the book!  She is a gifted, compelling speaker and knows her stuff! Sally and her team spent five years on research for personality traits to develop Fascinate.

Below please find the questions and answers from the Twitter Chat on September 4th. Sally absolutely fascinated us all by answering with intelligence and humor! Here you go (my questions are bold):

So excited to have you today Sally! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My 6 word bio: Radical ideas + passionate action, keenly executed. When you fascinate someone, they open themselves up to you, and your message. I teach how at @HowToFascinate

Q1 What sparked the idea for a book on Fascination for you?

I wanted to understand why we become captivated by certain people. Why do certain leaders inspire and motivate, while others are ignored? How do some presenters captivate the room? And then, there’s the most important question of all… What makes YOUR personality fascinating?

The science of fascination begins deep inside the human brain: what fascinates us, and, how we each fascinate others. Fascination isn't about how you perceive the world— but how the world perceives you. Fascination is an intense emotional focus. It's instinctive, irrational, and irresistible.

Q2 In the book you talk about 7 universal triggers that generate a variety of responses, can you talk about these?

 The 7 triggers of @HowtoFascinate are: power, passion, prestige, mystique, alarm, rebellion and trust.

When you fascinate someone, they become intensely focused. They stop fidgeting. They might even stop tweeting! In a distracted world, we need people to pay complete attention. We need them to focus, if we want to communicate. I've spent the past 5 years researching exactly why we pay attention to one idea, or one person, or one brand, and not another.

Q3  You used lots of research data in Fascinate to formulate the triggers. What was most surprising to you?

There are 7 ways the brain is fascinated: Power | Passion | Mystique | Prestige | Alarm | Rebellion| Trust. And once you understand these 7 forms of fascination, you can make anything — or anyone — more fascinating.  Every fascinating message that has ever existed uses 1 of these 7: Power | Passion| Mystique| Prestige| Alarm| Rebellion| Trust.Brands become fascinating through Power | Passion| Mystique| Prestige| Alarm| Rebellion| Trust. People become fascinating through Power | Passion| Mystique| Prestige| Alarm| Rebellion| Trust.

Women will pay more to be fascinating than they pay for food + clothes COMBINED. We did national in-depth research to understand the ROI of fascination. The science behind it. We learned We WANT to be fascinated. When we're fascinated we feel more alive, more in love, more energized! We WANT to be fascinated. Yet — we are often NOT fascinated. We are bored. When we lose interest, we lose our energy and focus. Meh. Not fun. When we're fascinated we feel more alive, more in love, more energized! Boring is the kiss of death! In a nutshell: Stand out or don’t bother. In social media, in sales, in branding, in dating, in meetings– if you don't fascinate, you fail.

How to fascinate? That is the question… and here is the answer… (dramatic pause here)… here it comes.. You already have everything u need to fascinate. It's built into you. But, you need to identify and express it. The world does not need another tweet. It needs YOU! Via @HowtoFascinate

Q4 What is the most common & least common trigger?

We found that there are actually 49 different personality types. Specific ways people fascinate, based on 50,000 people in research. And once you understand how your personality fascinates, you can tap into that authentic strength.

Find out your personality brand here: http://t.co/qGl9Ynu

Someone give me a personality trigger combo, and I will describe that personality!

Sally gave us some insight on our results from her {F} Score Test:

@pegfitzpatrick Passion + Rebellion = “The Taste Maker” – creative, entrepreneurial, optimistic, dramatic, playful

@chrisboivin Mystique + Power = “The Veiled Strength” – Subtle, complex, nuanced, with a very strong backbone

@EmeliaSam Mystique + Passion = “The Intrigue” – Complex, intuitive, friendly-yet-private, many layers of personality

Personalities with the Passion trigger use emotion, body language, intuition, play, creativity to fascinate.

Q You discuss the “Gold Hallmarks of a Fascinating Message” in Fascinate. Can you explain these to #MyBookClub?

“The Gold Hallmarks” is our criteria for determining how fascinating a person or brand is… Gold Hallmark 1: Evokes strong and immediate emotional response. (Love it or hate it)

Fascinating things and people make us instantly feel a strong response. We are gripped immediately.  Ask yourself: “Do I evoke a strong and immediate response?” Your social media, resume, etc. all must fascinate. You will not win by being quiet. You win by being heard.

Q8 You gave me the heads up on something new and exciting @HowtoFascinate. Do you want to share that with #MyBookClub?

We are launching a new site in 1 month, at www.HowToFascinate.com – a full course on how you can fascinate.  It's based on our 5 years of research, with 50,000 people who have taken our F-Score test: http://t.co/LPKnbYp

The Fascination Factor is turning your natural, hidden strengths into your greatest advantage via @HowtoFascinate.

Q9 Anything else you would like to share before I open up the questions?

I believe that we're growing beyond a “personal brand.” We need more. I call it a “personality brand” Before you can attract a customer, you must command their attention. We'll be sharing how at @HowToFascinate

Q from @angelamaiers How do you differentiate fascination and enchantment?

When you fascinate someone, they open themselves up to you, and your message. I teach how at @howtofascinate. People use the same principles as brands and orgs- however people should not artificially manipulate. Must be true.

Personalities with Rebellion fascinate by being irreverent, entrepreneurial, clever, independent.

“Great design uses passion, especially when that design brings a human sensibility to an object.” @SallyHogshead

mqtodd @angelamaiers @PaulBiedermann Thanks. The key is being OPEN to being fascination. Do not judge or “preselect”..

Sally – People with the Passion trigger usually have this gift- sharing emotion and energy openly and playfully.

Sally – The greatest gift is to be able to make someone else feel fascinating.

A personal brand could be inauthentic. But your “personality brand” belongs to YOU! http://t.co/zdZJHIv

@Raven_73  Mine was spot on! Power + Mystique #MyBookClub @sallyhogshead Really looking forward to getting the book this Thursday!

 You know you are fascinated with Sally now….here is some more fab stuff:

Sally is launching a new site at HowToFascinate.com. It will go into beta in 1 month. We studied why some people are more persuasive than others, how you can become more captivating. The site is still being built but people can sign up to learn more, or potentially become a beta tester, at the site.

From Sally: goodies of ideas and links from other content — the creative process and “Throne of Agony” http://www.slideshare.net/sallyhogshead/sit-on-the-throne-of-agony

Here is “The Fascination Palace” which has dozens of mini videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/SallyHogshead#g/c/D85E49282A6F6868

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A few stats from the #MyBookClub chat on September 4th:

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Already looking forward to next month! Next Month’s Book Club will be on October 2 at 6 pm EST with special guest Carol Quinn @FollowMyleadCQ with her book Follow My Lead. (#FollowMyLead)

Here is a video taste of Follow My Lead     And a link to purchase Follow My Lead

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and supported #MyBookClub!
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. You will not be disappointed in Fascinate – it is a great book with lots of great information! You should take this: Find out your personality brand here: http://t.co/qGl9Ynu if you haven’t already. Really cool!

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