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Triberr is a unique content distribution platform. Content creators (bloggers, curators) “feed” content into their tribes, who then share that content via their own social media channels.

Having your content shared by a large network (tribe) of loyal Tier 1 supporters, gives your content the greatest chance for reaching its intended audience.

This image depicts Twitter, but Triberr can bring the same multiplication effect to Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media destinations.

Content can be sent to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn automatically or manually. G+, and StumbleUpon sharing is manual.

For bloggers: (one time setup)  

Bloggers connect their RSS feed (or install Triberr WordPress plugin) and every new post is imported automatically as it’s published.

Daily Activity

Single Click Sharing across multiple social destinations: Tribe members see new posts in their Tribal Stream and can Approve it for sharing.

When you Approve the post, it will be sent to your audience on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In the example below, Peggy (one of my tribemates) has a new post called “Meet Chris…”, and when I Approve it, it will be shared across my social media channels.

That same post can be further shared by manually clicking on a desired destination network.

Also, Daily Email digests can be sent for easy Approval from within your Inbox.

Key Benefit: Single place to manage your entire social media activity. From reading and commenting, to sharing and curating.

Reading a post within Tribal Stream:

If you install Triberr WordPress plugin, your tribemates will be able to read your post from within their Tribal Stream by clicking on it's title.

This saves the reader a tremendous amount of time. If your tribemate can scan the post very quickly, and make sure it's appropriate for his or her audience, it will increase the likelihood of your post being shared.

Key Benefit: The fastest way to read and share a post.

Triberr Comment System:

If you install Triberr WordPress plugin, your tribemates will be able to comment on your post from within the Tribal Stream.

This comment is visible on Peggy's blog.

Key Benefit: Fastest way to comment on multiple blogs.

Floating Comment System

In terms of technology, it may not sound like much. But in terms of functionality, I LOVE this feature.

How many times do you read a long(er) post and somewhere in the beginning you think of a perfect comment to the first or second paragraph. But, by the time you get to the end you forget what you were gonna say and find yourself re-reading the article from the beginning?

I don't know about you, but it happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Floating Comment System allows you to make a comment anywhere in the post as you read it.

Simply click on “Comment” button and the window pops up allowing you to make a comment right then and there. Like so.

The Floating Comments get replicated to the bottom and to all blogs where your post has been published. Sweet :-)

Key Benefit: Leave a comment as they pop into your head.

Frictionless Guest Blogging (aka reBlog function)

ReBlog allows bloggers to syndicate their content to other blogs.

Newspapers have been doing this for 100s of years. An article written in a NY paper could be syndicated to a paper in Chicago. Everybody wins in this scenario.

The author gains wider exposure, newspaper gets fresh content, and Chicago audience gets to read an article they couldn’t read otherwise.

Network TV shows have to have exactly 100 episodes before they can get syndicated, and when they reach that milestone, they throw a shindig of unprecedented proportions. Because it means exposure (and bread) for everyone involved.

So, HOW do you ReBlog an article? Easy.

You can click on the post's headline to open the article right inside your Tribal Stream. Like so.

From here, you can click on ReBlog to send this post as Draft to your blog.

Proper attribution:

We've solved this by embedding the author bio and social links into the article itself. Issue solved. We've made it streamlined, easy, and something publishers don't even have to think about.

Engagement Conundrum: 

The real issue is that if you're lucky, your article may get republished on 50 blogs. So, how do you engage with comments across 50 blogs? The answer. Triberr Comment System.

Key Benefit: For author – backlinks, attention. For host – quality content with a single click of a button. For both – Triberr Comment System “joins” the all instances of the ReBlogged post to show all comments in all locations.

See next section or click here.

Triberr Comment System: (revisited)

In addition to being able to comment from within the Tribal Stream, if a post is ReBlogged to several blogs, all comments on any instance will be visible on every other instance of the blog post.

To see this in action, leave a comment on DIYBloggerNET: How To Build a Community of Fanatics, then go to a ReBlogged version of the same post at DanCristo: How To Build a Community of Fanatics, to see your comment “mirrored”.

Learn more about ReBlog and Triberr comment system here.

Key Benefit: 0% loss of engagement. Every comment counts regardless of where it originated from. The original location of the blog post, the ReBlogged location of the blog post, or from within Tribal Stream. Every comment is visible everywhere.

For Curators:

If you have content you believe deserves attention, you can initiate the distribution of it by creating a marketing campaign around that content. Within Triberr, we call this Dynamic Tribes because you get to control all the sharing parameters.


We are Triberr, and we are transparent.

Anyone can go to anybody's user profile and see their stats. Here are few screengrabs of what I would consider typical results.

Peg is a long time Triberr user. She's had time to build an impressive network of Tier 1 supporters. Her tribal network is 173 bloggers strong. She rules 4 tribes of her own (she controls the membership of those tribes) and she belongs to 15 tribes total.

She has little over 10 thousand Twitter followers, but she effectively reaches 4,810,729 people on Twitter. All thanks to her tribemates.

If she clicks on individual stats, she can see which of her 65 (out of 173) tribemates shared her “Pondering: The Key to…” post.

If she clicks on “416 clicks”, she is taken to Google Analytics and will be able to extract details about the traffic for her posts. Each area is clickable and reveals relevant, additional information.

Here is another typical example:

Pam is a ruller of 5 tribes, she is a member of 19, she has 382 tribesmates. He Twitter followers are little over 77 thousand, but with the help of her Tier 1 supporters, she is able to reach 17,967,296 people on Twitter.

Note: Triberr is showing Twitter stats only at the moment, so Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and StumbleUpon reach is in addition to the reach displayed.

Also note: Triberr Stats are NOT a replacement for an overall Analytics platform like Google Analytics. They should be used in combination to monitor trends.

Triberr Tribes

Tribe Chiefs invite members into a Tribe. Everyone can be a Chief, and Chiefs control the membership of their own tribes.

If you would like to be invited into a tribe, be nice to people. Connect with them on Triberr (inside Bonfires), say “hi” on Twitter, or simply leave a comment on their blog. This is how bloggers get to know each other. And once you're known, and your content rocks, it will be trivial to get an invite into a prestigious tribe.

Alternatively, you really dont have to wait to be invited. Eveyone is able to build their own tribe(s) by sourcing the members from their own Social Media sphere.

In Closing…

I hope this overview was helpful, and if you have any additional questions, please reach out to me via Twitter.


Dino Dogan


Dino Dogan

Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.


Twitter: dino_dogan

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Oy Vey – more to learn! I LOVE TRIBERR but I’m technologically challenged so I don’t do well with change. That’s why I have the same breakfast EVERY DAY. That’s why I sleep on the same side of the bed, put the same foot in my pants, and tie my right shoe first…LOL…
    So, Peg? Dino? Someone gonna hold my hand and teach me this GREAT NEW STUFF?

    1.  @BruceSallan Bruce, Bruce, Bruce…you can do it! These changes make it easier to do everything right from the Triberr page when you are approving. You can read the post, comment on it, approve it and then reblog it if you LOVE it. Do you have the Triberr plug in? Dino wrote this post and I reblogged it from Triberr, all I had to do was schedule the post from drafts. 

  2. What a helpful article.  Seriously, anyone looking to use Triberr needs to read this.  Just enough technology to get the gist, but not so overwhelming that the eyes roll back.  Granted, I am a technology geek, but still.  Now, to figure out how to work with my profiles since one of them has me with blonde hair.. Ah, the joys of loving the different “looks” that one can come up with on a daily basis…   All the fun shouldn’t be limited to WordPress themes, eh? But, I digress..

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