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5 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Social Media Fans

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Perfectly curated Pinterest boards are a goldmine of great information. I spend a lot of time making sure that my boards are refreshed with relevant and interesting content for people to find and repin to their boards.

My love for Pinterest continues to grow as my resources build and I pin to my Pinterest board collections. Pinterest is for sharing and marketing but my number one reason to pin is to gather inspiration and save valuable resources.

I've put together a collection of Pinterest boards to help others that are social media fans build their own social media and blogging resources. All these pinners have fantastic a Pinterest presence but I wanted to highlight one board since it's best to follow individual boards for focused content.

Look at how these pinners add their own great branded content and share their own blog posts to get ideas for your own social media sharing.

I hope you enjoy them!

1. Graphic design and branding smarts

Meet Lauren: Graphic designer, Squarespace enthusiast, blogger, and creative entrepreneur behind Elle & Company

I love the content from Elle and Co. Lauren creates wonderful branding mood boards, shares her gorgeous client work, and teaches a lot through her content.

Pinterest user: Lauren Hooker Elle and Company

Board to follow: Elle and Company

5 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Social Media Fans - Elle & Co

2. Instagram tips and tricks

Meet Jeff: Creative brain for hire • Visual storyteller • Social media consultant • Speaker • Humorist • Host of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show.

Jeff is a Pinterest expert and on the social media team for Social Media Examiner. His Instagram board is a must-follow collaborative board full of Instagram how-to's. Jeff is an especially careful curator and pins really great pins.

Pinterest user: Jeff Sieh

Board to follow: Instant Instagram Tips

5 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Social Media Fans - Social Media Examiner

3. Social media and design inspiration

Meet Dustin: Social Media and Creativity collide. Crafting creative ideas and turning them into visual and verbal brilliance. Dustin helps people look more awesome online.

Dustin is my reluctant pinning friend. He's a blogger and designer that wasn't seeing the value in Pinterest but traffic started heading to his blog so he researched it more. A switch in the design of his graphics from horizontal to vertical pins in 735 pixels x 1102 pixels made Dustin a believer in the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest user: Dustin Stout

Board to follow: Creativity and Design

5 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Social Media Fans - Dustin Stout

4. Social media tips!

This is a group board with Jeff Sieh and Guy Kawasaki for small business social media tips!

Pinterest user: Me!

Board to follow: Social Media Small Business Tips

5. Get social

Meet Sarah: Blogging. Business. Badass Life.

Sarah writes about blogging and entrepreneurship. Her blog rocks. I love Sarah's easy-to-read graphics and sassy attitude.

Pinterest user: Sarah Morgan of XOsarah.com

Board to follow: Get social

5 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Social Media Fans - XoSarah.com

What are some of your favorite Pinterest boards and pinners to follow? What do you love about their pinning?

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I'm in love with the beautiful graphic design board!

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  1. Hi Peg,
    I’m really enjoying your blog posts, thank you! Since I’m rather new to Social Media, getting to know the individuals who are doing great work on various platforms is super helpful.
    In terms of directing readers to your blog, do you find Pinterest to be good for this?

  2. All of these boards are amazing to a neophyte like myself.
    There is so much for me to learn from these

  3. Hi Peg!
    Thanks for the article! I would never find those amazing boards on Pinterest if you wouldn’t write about them!


  4. This post is just in time for me Peg. I was JUST looking for really awesome boards to follow on Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing these Pinterest users/boards. This is a great resource for me.

    By the way, I currently follow Jeff Sieh. His account has an abundance of great pins.

  5. Thanks for sharing these awesome boards! I think I’m following some of them already, but I’ll have to check the rest out! 😀


  6. Think i’ll be off to have a look at all of these.

    Want to do everything as best i can so think i’ll be reading quite a bit of your site for a while. Seems like a great area to find useful information. Thank you

  7. After reading your blog I headed over to Pinterest and just had to follow all of them! Pinterest has been my go-to place to find inspiration. And with all of the great content that people share, its a wonderful way to find new inspiration and meet new people.

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