Get ready to rock your Google+


Five down and dirty tips to rock the socks off your Google+!  Are you ready for this week's Fab Five Friday? Google+ can be a tough neighborhood to break into when you first start. So what's a newbie Plusser to do? These five things will help you make connections and meet people. Social media is all about making connections and having fun. 1. Post consistently — Many people lurk when they are new so when people check their profile , it's
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Five traits of a kick ass Plusser

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Today's Fab Five Friday is all about YOU Google+! I want to talk about the traits that make a kick ass Plusser. There are some people who are really rocking Google+ so I analyzed a bit to see what the successful people were doing and came up with some resources to help you get there too. So, is you a kick ass Plusser or ain't ya? Five traits of a kick ass Plusser 1. Posts consistently on Google+: reliable Sharing on Google+ with Do
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Fab Five Daily Trends on Google+


One of the most fun and engaging things that occurs on Google+ are the daily trends. Each day there are many different trends floating around and different Plussers get together to plan a certain day and hashtag. You can find what's trending on Google+ on the right sidebar on the homepage. These are five of my favorite daily trends with a recent popular post from the stream: 1. #MemeMonday (post by Martin Shervington) 2.
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Good to Know Goodies about Google+

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Google Plus has been around for a while now. However, there are many people who have not embraced it fully. Some of the tips and tricks aren't easy to find but I am offering 12 goodies to get you going on Google+. No more excuses! I had the pleasure to work on What the Plus! with Guy Kawasaki and have my own little guest chapter 10+. I hope you will check it out. I am convinced that your Google+ posts and photos are boosted in the Google
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