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Fab Five Daily Trends on Google+

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One of the most fun and engaging things that occurs on Google+ are the daily trends. Each day there are many different trends floating around and different Plussers get together to plan a certain day and hashtag.

You can find what's trending on Google+ on the right sidebar on the homepage.

These are five of my favorite daily trends with a recent popular post from the stream:

1. #MemeMonday (post by Martin Shervington)


2. #BokehTuesday (post by Lana Walker, curated by Bob Baxley)

bokeh photo

3. #WildlifeWednesday (post by M Monica)

baby otter

4. #Caturday (post by Kryston Chong)


5. #Science Sunday (post by Rich Pollett)



What are your favorite trends to follow and participant in?

Featured image courtesy of tanakawho via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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