How to Promote Your Pinterest Pins and Get More Repins FTW!

Are you pinning your content on Pinterest and forgetting about it? I’m going to share some tips on how to keep the momentum going on pins to get more repins and ultimately, more blog traffic.

Try these tips to help grow more synergy between your blog, Pinterest and the rest of your social media presence. If you’re pinning and ignoring your pins, you’re missing an opportunity to cross promote your content and build more followers. Using a few of these tips will boost pins that may have stagnated as well as those that are currently getting a lot of activity can keep the pin fresh and bouncing around Pinterest. I think of it like a Pinball machine where the pin keeps active due to being in play and bouncing through the course. The goal is to keep your pin in motion.

How to Promote Your Pinterest PinsWhen I create a pin for my blog I always do the following for initial promotion:

1. The NOW and LATER technique! Create your Pinterest pin first using a great image. Share the post with the blog link and the Pinterest link with a Pin it for Later call to action (CTA) on Google+ and Facebook. I’ve seen a big upsurge in repins on pins that I use Pin it for Later on.

2. Use #PinoftheDay to connect with other people who are pinning. I created this hashtag to use on Google+ but I know see it on Facebook and Twitter as well. It’s a great way to say that you really like this pin.

3. Tweet pins when you create them.

4. I also like to share the related board link on posts that are relevant.

Tweet your Pinterest pins and share on Facebook and Google+ as well. Not every pin but be selective and share the best of the best.

Share  your Pinterest profile from time to time with a short message like “follow my fantastic Pinterest boards here.”

The BIG question!

When you have a pin that starts getting repinned a lot, do you do anything to spread the pin more? 

I threw this question out into the #PinChat community on Facebook. Kelly Lieberman has been leading this group of knowledgeable pinners for over two years and it’s a great resource for diving deep into the topic of Pinterest.

Kelly Lieberman shared this fantastic example from Better Homes and Gardens on Facebook. They include a CTA to pin to your garden board. The brilliant part of the BHG plan is the pin link which leads directly to a create a pin page on Pinterest. They captured the link to Pinterest when they were creating the pin so it doesn’t take you to repin a pin but to create your own new pin.


Melissa Taylor of Pinterest Savvy adds popular pins to her newsletter to tie in with her blog and email subscribers. Very smart!

Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting tweets her popular pins with a more targeted message.

JoAnn Hines, Packaging Diva integrates her best pins on Twitter and LinkedIn. Have you tried LinkedIn for pins? I know I haven’t.

Stacy Teet, of Kid Stuff World, created a board called The 500 Club where she pins her most popular pins.You can do the same and start with a small number like 50 or 100. It’s a great way to organize great content and people instantly know these are winning pins.

500 club

Looking at successful pins and finding the common elements can be very helpful. Make sure you follow all the talented pinners in this article, they know what they are doing!

I hope this gives you a few new ideas to turbo charge your Pinterest content. What’s been working for you? Share your tips in the comments below.

Additional resources:

How to Pin from Facebook by Ivo Madaleno

16 Tactical Marketing Tips for Pinterest from Melissa Taylor of Pinterest Savvy

Photo credit: Big Stock Photos

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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How to Promote Your Pinterest Pins and Get More Repins FTW!
How to use Pinterest with your blog and social media to get more Pinterest traction and blog traffic.
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  1. Titus 2 Homemaker says

    I’d love to see examples of your tips in action (especially #’s 1 and 4).  Maybe I’m a bit dense, but I’m having some trouble envisioning what that would look like.
    Also, it probably goes without saying (but sometimes we forget the obvious!) that the description needs to actually *describe* the Pin, or folks searching will never find it.
    I had another idea, but I haven’t put it into practice yet.  When I run giveaways on my blog, I often include an extra entry option for Pinning a post.  I think I’m going to set up a page on my site with Pinworthy posts (Read: stuff I’d *like* people to Pin) and direct people to that from the giveaway option for ideas.  That should be a good way to rotate some older content back into circulation, I think.  (And readers won’t *have* to Pin anything from that particular page – they can still Pin anything they want – but I bet a lot of them *will*.)

  2. says

    Titus 2 Homemaker
    #1 looks like this:
    Pin it here:
    Full article here:

    For #4 if I wanted to I could add: check out my board of desserts and add the Pinterest link.
    Yes!! Excellent point the the description needs to match the pin, yes! Your pins for giveaways sounds like a great idea, I hope it works for you.

  3. says

    Hi Peg
    How did you get the content in the grey at the bottom of the pin only visible after it has been re pinned and a line saying “read this on Peg Fitzpatrick” with a link to site. See example here

  4. says

    ypg  Hi! Those are rich pins – you should definitely get these! Here is the information on Pinterest

  5. says

    Hi there Peg!

    I just found you and I’m very pleased I did!

    I have a Pinterest mystery that I can’t figure out..

    When I started pinning my pins on my board 2012 (only on my board) I could get up to a hundred re-pins.

    Today I pin on my own board and also at several other boards but I receive only the number of pins that is the pins on the other boards I share…

    How is that? :(



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