The Art of Visual Storytelling
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The Art of Visual Storytelling

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Visual storytelling has been in part of our culture since men first drew pictures of Wooly Mammoth hunts on cave walls with charcoal from the fire pit.

the art of visual storytelling

We're still drawn to stories and storytellers today but the ability to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with visuals in the form of viral videos, GIFs, or memes.

I presented this keynote at BarkWorld and I thought you'd enjoy it too!

Social media isn't one size fits all.
Telling your own unique story connects people with you and helps you grow your community. Visuals are crucial to building and growing but are you telling your story?

Visual storytelling resources

Camera Awesome iOS and Android

VSCO – edit like an Instagram star

Planoly – Instagram management and planning tool

Adobe Spark – I'm a brand ambassador for Adobe Spark because I love using their app on my iPhone, iPad, and desktop to create fantastic graphics, animations, and even videos!

Canva for Work Canva makes it easy to create beautiful on-brand marketing materials, presentations and social media graphics. Canva for Work makes it easy to stay on brand.

Ezy Watermark iOS and Android

Look at your social media posts and really dig deep to see if you're using visuals to tell your story or just posting photos with your posts. They're two different things.

Visual storytelling is the heart of social media with video and visual social media taking the lead in the race to reach people. I hope these ideas and tools help you find your path to telling your visual story.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

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