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The Power of Google+ and Pinterest Revealed [video]

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google+Google+ and Pinterest are my two favorite social networks to use together. I've talked about it before in my article How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly and I had a Google+ Hangout with my Google+ friend Stephan Hovnanian to share some of the tips that work for me and everyone that I've shared them with.

Stephan is a die-hard Google+ fan but I convinced him to try adding a little Pinterest in his social media plan and it's been great for him. We talked about the great synergies between Google+ and Pinterest. Among the topics covered:

• using the  #pinoftheday  hashtag
• cross-promoting content on Google+ and Pinterest
• directing traffic between the two networks and your own website
Pinstamatic – a tool for adding quotes, notes, tweets or links to a website.

Bonus tip I learned today working on this event on Google+: If you add an image to the Google+ event (mine was the 600 x 900 image I used for Google+ and Pinterest), it creates a really stunning notification that looks like this:

event photo

I hope these Pinterest and Google+ tips help you out! Let me know if you have any questions or tips that you use in the comments.

Find us here:

Stephan on Pinterest and Google+

Peg on Pinterest and Google+
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. thanks for joining me, Peg, this was fantastic and hopefully pretty helpful for everyone! You’re awesome!

  2. stephanhov Thanks for asking me, it was a super fun hangout and I think we could have talked about Google+ and Pinterest all day. I appreciate your time in setting up the event. You’re even more awesome!

  3. Whoa!  I’m gonna have to watch this like multiple times.  Oy!  I do have a question though.  Can you explain putting the URL twice on my pins?  If I pin from my blog it automatically puts it in there so what else do I need to do?  Thanks! (prepare for more questions.)

  4. Debi Stangeland Hi Debi!
    I add the URL in the description on the pin. People also miss adding the URL when they add a pin to Pinterest and put the URL in the description, then you want to edit and add the URL. Make sense?

  5. This is some seriously amazing information. Looks like I’m going to have to get busy on Pinterest…

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