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  1. Thanks a lot Peg for including me in your 12 smart ways to boost your social media efforts! Very much appreciated! ~ Juan

  2. Such an add number on this list, Peg? Wherever did that come from?
    Good tips. Triberr has been terrific for me but I feel it slowing down as people seem to lazy/busy to tweet each other’s posts much of the time.
    As for Livefyre, I love it and Disqus but the KEY is for YOU to comment! Often and regularly!

    1.  @BruceSallan I agree with Triberr slowing down. I have noticed a lot of the same as I go in everyday to approve posts although I typically only post once a week, sometimes twice. I think it may be time to do some tribe clean up as there are some who are posting and not sharing which is not cool.
      And, of course, yes! Commenting and engagement are key. Finding time for all the platforms, writing, commenting, etc are always tough to balance. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Great list. I’ve used all the tips except Triberr. That’s something that I want to use soon because it has been praised by many bloggers. Tips #9 and #10 are definitely the best – tools and platforms come and go, but nothing can replace being social, fun, and engaging!

  4. Thanks for sharing, these are all good points. Buffer’s one of the best social media tools out there, I use it all the time! Also, I think that including a call to action in Facebook posts is one of the most underutilized techniques out there. 

    1.  @PointComDotCom What are you using Facebook for now? Personal and corporate? What seems to be working for you to gain the most traction?
      Thank YOU for reading and commenting.

  5.  @dbvickery Congrats on the upcoming guest blog, I hope that it does well. 
    Community engagement and involvement as great. Busiess2Community has been wonderful for me as well, they are getting amazing traffic these days!

  6. So far, this is my post of the week! Confirming, informative, and downright useful!!! Thanks….claaaaassic Peg….

  7. I really do need to check out ManageFilter and clean up my twitter followers. Triberr is a great thing for bloggers. Oh, and speaking of guest posts…I do need to work on a few more of those.

  8. Is there any advantage of Livefyre as compared to Disqus?I usean love disqus, whay switch to Livefyre? 

    1.  @priteshdesai I have used Discus as well and liked it. I use Livefyre because I like the option to post the comment to Twitter or Facebook. I also like the way that the tweet is structured when it is sent and I think that people are interested in posts that receive comments so they go check it out or retweet them. Discus tweets the comment and I think as a tweet they don’t always make sense out of context.
      It also includes comments made via Twitter (if you choose to include them) which is showing a bigger picture of the conversation surrounding the post.
      I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions. 😀

  9. Another interesting piece of information which is useful. I like the points made about being featured in multiple locations, therefore having more of a web presence.

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