Pondering: You ARE your Word!

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This is the third in a series of four consecutive ponderings that will cover The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I highly recommend reading this book as the concepts can help you process how you relate, adapt and grow with all your communication efforts.


 The Four Agreements are:

 Don’t take things personally

Always do your best

Be impeccable with your word

Don’t make assumptions

This piece will cover the third agreement which is:

Be Impeccable with Your Word!

“Create a beautiful dream”

“Your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Impeccability of the word only creates beauty, love and heaven on earth.”

I love this photo because to me it is a visual reminder of spreading your positive thoughts gracefully and lovingly — like glitter. The opposite would be talking closely in someone's face after eating lots of onions. The effect is the same when we share positive OR negative words. They make an impact on the receiver and are a reflection on you.

“Express your love”

“Impeccability of the word can be measured by your level of self-love. If you love yourself, you will express that love in your interactions with other. And that action will produce a like reaction.”

Start by loving yourself. Love others. Love to be loved. Simple.

“Let go of self-judgment and blame”

“Being impeccable, you take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself for anything.”

I would add or blame others. Try to be blameless in thought and deed. Pointing fingers is a very poor habit that reflects on the person pointing the finger. Be responsible for honor in your own words and know that you are being fair and honest. Think you are spinning a tale of crap and people are believing you? Think again, people see through lies and untruths. And will most certainly remember the source.

“Realize the power of your word”

“Your word is the power you have to create.” Let your word be a gift to others and honor yourself with the message that you are sharing with the world.

What are your thoughts about the power of your words? How will you use them to be a gift today?

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Quotes from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Featured image courtesy of Pinterest.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. I love taking the notion of “Your word” beyond just speaking/telling the truth! So true. I LOVE the POWER of the word, especially the written word! 

  2. Hi Peggy,

    I LOVE this post and the photo you selected!  Yes, Beautiful words
    have beautiful, clear vibrations. ❤ Masaru Emoto❤ Ann

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