Pondering: Negative Schmegative

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Today's pondering is about being negative. Nope. Scratch that — it is about taking the negative for a positive spin!

Only in the world of mathematics do two negatives multiply into a positive.
― Abby Morel

So much of life is attitude! Did you wake up feeling grouchy? Ok, it happens. What YOU choose to do about it is what matters. Are you going to hop on Twitter and complain or post something on Facebook about how the whole world is against you? Ick.

Sometimes the best thing is to wait until a better mood hits in that instance. But you can do a few things to boost your mood.

Three things I like to do:

Make a totally rocking soundtrack. Include all positive and upbeat songs that will perk you up. Sing, dance, and enjoy it!

Have a cup of coffee, tea or even just water. A little caffeine can give you just the boost you might need. Or a big glass of water — water is the fuel that our bodies most crave. It's been a long night, refresh and refuel.

Get in touch with someone who makes you laugh. Watch a funny YouTube video. I love this girl!

“Positive thoughts lead to positive results”
― Maria V. Snyder, Touch of Power

Having an attitude of gratitude can bring joy to your day and helps you to remember what you have in your life to be thankful for. You can do something as simple as using a composition book to write five things each day or you can do something fancier like make a decorated notebook that perks you up by looking at it. I made two like this one and sent one to a Facebook friend and one to a Twitter follower. Doing nice things for other people is a great way to bring a positive mood into the picture as well.


“Do not dilute the truth of your potential. We often convince ourselves that we cannot change, that we cannot overcome the circumstances of our lives. That is simply not true. You have been blessed with immeasurable power to make positive changes in your life. But you can't just wish it, you can't just hope it, you can't just want it… you have to LIVE it, BE it, DO it.”
― Steve Maraboli

This week's Pondering post is inspired by a post that my friend Becky Gaylord wrote for 12 Most. I will add a link here when it is published. So, tiara tip to Becky and follow her if you aren't already. She is fabulous!

I hope I gave you a few things to think about — most importantly you can choose to be positive. And I hope you do!

Featured image courtesy of Kathleen Waters Photography via Creative Commons.
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. What a great way to Start the week off Peggy! It’s the one time putting a spin on something is definitely a good thing. For what it’s worth, just looking at your smiling Twitter photo usually brightens my mood!

  2. Oh the power of positive thinking… but you are so RIGHT. I often wake up with the throat clenching feeling that I’ll NEVER get it all done… and then I have a cup of tea and take my dogs for a walk.  Mood changer.

    Getting work done helps also 😉

    1. We add a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect and get everything done etc. I think as women we have additional pressures and then put the title of “Mom” on there and its no wonder we feel stressed.

      A brighter attitude (and a kick ass plan with check lists) makes everything work out in the end. Knowing at the end of the day that we did our absolute best is all we can hope for and strive towards.

      I appreciate your thoughts Amy!

  3. You do choose to be positive Janet & I love that!

    I wonder if living in such a beautiful place and having so much sunshine gives you an extra boost? We don’t get much sunshine or daylight in New Hampshire and people get cabin fever here. As well as just missing out on the benefits of sunshine.

    Any tips you have for maintaining your positive spirit?
    Peggy xoxo

  4. Wow, Peggy, thank you so much! And I adore that video of the girl talking about all of the things she loves. Always guaranteed to bring on the smiles. Great post!

  5. A positive attitude, I have concluded, is THE key to success! I used to be really negative and because of that, I was nasty and depressed all the time. Then I realized, why am I acting like this? When something awesome happens, I feel positive and in turn, productive! So why in the world would I want to stay a negative nancy?? 🙂 

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  6. Reading and knowing you always makes me happy and diminishes any negativity I may feel. ATTITUDE is everything. We control little. My saying is “I only control what I eat for breakfast.” But, like the great Viktor Frankl said in his seminal book, “Man’s Search For Meaning,” we can control our responses to what life throws us. In his case, he was thrown in the Nazi concentration camps…a lot can be learned from his lessons!

    1. Isn’t it amazing that so many powerful stories came from that terrible time in history? A true testament to the human spirit!

      I will quote back to you Anne Frank ”
      “In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.” And that you are Bruce!
      Eternal thanks for being the King Commentor of the Blogosphere! Tiara tip to you kind sir!

  7. Terrific article, Peg. I’ve had enough Negative Nellies in my life. I prefer to be around Positive Pollys!  great ideas on how to turn things around.

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