I'm super passionate about Pinterest and can't wait to share some tips to help you make your own Pinterest amazing.

Pinterest Tips

Looking to dig a little deeper into Pinterest and see what you can do besides your basic pinning? This week’s fab five (ok, I really can’t limit myself to five, sorry) Pinterest tips will give you some new inspiration and hopefully make your pinning more productive.

Pinterest is the ultimate visual playground so, of course, use really good, interesting images on your blog. Be wise and here are some tips from Sara Hawkins on Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls on Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest with your blog:

1. Create a board for your blog and pin posts when you are on the site.
2. Pin your guest posts on a board so people can read all your guest posts in one place.
3. Create a board of food/social media/tips and share your posts there.
4. Share graphics in a blog post with the <> embed code on Pinterest. This is an example from My Book Clubnote that it even places the source below the photo, very handy!


5. If you want to see anything that’s already been pinned for a website — go to http://pinterest.com/source/[Web site URL here]/ and add the url at the end.
6. Stumble your pins.
7. Use keywords or hashtags for better searchability.

8. Install the Chrome Pinterest bookmarklet! I use this all the time and love it.

9. Did you know there is a way to pin from Google+? I just figured this out:

  • Set up a Pluss.es blog for your Google+ account. It literally takes two seconds and populates from your Google+ content without any work from you. Try pinning from my Pluss.es page if you want to see how it works before you create a page for yourself. If you create a Pluss.es blog, make sure you share the link in your social media bios so people can find it.
  • Pluss.es only updates once a day so, unfortunately you can’t pin immediately but the day after you post you can go to your Pluss.es page, click on the red title of your post and pin away!

10. Follow the Pinterest blog .

11. My friend Kelly Lieberman is the expert on Pinterest. Follow Kelly and join her #PinChat community and you won’t miss a thing.

12. Put the Pinvolve Tab on your Facebook pages when your fans click on the Pinvolve tab, it transforms the Facebook page.

Check out my Pinterest for more ideas, inspiration and fun! What are your best Pinterest tips? Share with me!