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Meet the Power Players of the Pluserati!

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What is the key to social media? The SOCIAL part, of course!  On any social network having great people to follow is the start of something good. Today I want to share a list of power players on Google+ called the Pluserati curated by Alltop. Chosen for their social media prowess and fantastic engagement, this is a group of people who “get it.”

Here is the shared circle on Google+. Finding the right people and adding them to your Google+ stream can propel your Google+ activities by giving you great content to share and intelligent, fun people to engage with. A win/win situation, right?

Here is a taste of the Pluserati:

Thomas Hawk
Tagline: Making Your G+ Experience More Beautiful One Photograph at a Time



Jaana Nystrom
Tagline: I'm a multitasker: Blogger, digital content curator, entrepreneur, writer



Lynette Young
Tagline: CEO at PurpleStripe.com | Curator at WomenOfGPlus.com



Leo Babuata
Tagline: Simplicity author. Creator of Zen Habits



Kevin Rose
Tagline: Venture Partner at Google Ventures. Drinker of tea.




Marcy Massura
Tagline: Weber Shandwick. Speaker. Brand Consultant. Folder of the Laundry



Wil Wheaton
Tagline: Don't be a dick!

These are just a few of the engaging, fantastic folks on the Pluserati list.  Follow the shared circle on Google+, open up a Pluserati stream, and expand YOUR Google+ experience! Don't forget the final step: enjoy!

What is Alltop?

From the Alltop site:  A good metaphor is that Alltop is an “online magazine rack” that displays the news from the top publications and blogs. Our goal is to satisfy the information needs of the 99% of Internet users who will never use an RSS feed reader or create a custom page. Think of it as “aggregation without the aggravation.”

A few Google+ resources:
Featured image courtesy of Sam Breach via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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