Meet Steve Jones and Brand Like a Rock Star

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I'd like to introduce you to my friend Steve Jones.

He had a great idea one day and built it into a big dream. I love that this is where his story starts! Much like #MyBookClub for me. So much of life starts with a little idea but what you do with it is the important thing. Steve did something really cool with his.


Here is part of Steve's journey in his words:

“The idea for Brand Like A Rock Star goes back to a spring night in 2009 in Austin, Texas. I was sitting on a patio, sipping a beer, and listening to a Jimmy Buffett song play in the background. I started to wonder… how did Jimmy, with just one minor hit in his career, become one of rock & roll's biggest concert draws and turn “Margaritaville” into a multi-million dollar brand?

The Grateful Dead did the same thing. With only one hit song in their entire career, they became one of the most profitable and iconic bands of their day.

One by one, the bands brought business into focus for me. AC/DC is incredibly consistent. U2 is passionate. Bob Marley was focused. KISS and Alice Cooper are shocking.

From that, the blog was born. And in time, the blog turned into the book.

What makes Brand Like A Rock Star unique is that it adds the glitz and flash of rock & roll to the normally dry topic of building a better business. After all, everyone loves music!”

You can find Steve's Brand Like a Rock Star blog here. I love his rock and roll, bad boy approach to blogging. Check out this post called Make Your Business Fly Like Aerosmith. What I love about his message, besides that it is fun and smart, is that it isn't boring! Why does marketing have to be boring? It doesn't!

Steve will be my guest on the April 2nd #MyBookClub chat at 8 pm EST and we will talk about his book Brand Like a Rock Star. You can even download a free chapter if you'd like to take it for a test drive. Who doesn't like free! Speaking of that, Steve also wrote a totally COOL Brand Like A Rock Star: The Musical Companion which is also free on Amazon right now.

My co-host Paul Biedermann, who also enjoys talking about branding had an informative and fun one hour conversation with Steve Jones at #MyBookClub on Twitter.

Here is the Storify summary of the chat. Enjoy and see you next month on May 7th!

Featured image courtesy of  @Doug88888 via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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