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The Lowdown on Social Media Optimization, Blogging and Google+ [video]

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This hangout is a treasure trove of information for bloggers on Google+ we talked about social search and social media optimization for your Google+ posts. If you are a blogger, this is a fantastic Google+ hangout for you to learn about social media optimization (SMO) and how it affects you.

act naturalChef Dennis Littley was the host and the panel consisted of Joshua Berg, SEO and Social SEO expert, Nikol Murphy, Social media event fabster and me.

We touched on:

1. The Google hummingbird update – a semantic search update

2. Keywords are now out of Google Analytics

3. How to use Google+ embedded posts on your blog

4. Β My recipe for the perfect Google+ post format.

5. We also touched on no follow links and how many links you can put in Google+ posts. (at around 8:00) Joshua hinted that there are changing coming on edited posts.

6. Spread your conversation by posting good content. Great posts engage other people.

#1 tip
Be yourself andΒ act natural.

#2 tip
Great content spreads and builds with conversation around the web circling back to your original post.

#3 tip

Diversity is good!

I hope you got a few tidbits from this insightful hangout, I know I did!

Act Natural graphic by Big Uptick Social Marketing
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful video. Content is key. If you have something that catches the interest of others, they’d likely share to they’re friends or the community they know that enjoys or are also interested on the content you’re making.

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