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How to Rock a Twitter Chat

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Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with people but it can be hard to find people if you don't have a connection. Enter the Twitter chat. This is the place that you can meet people, talk about a specific topic on Twitter, and have fun.

A few suggestions to be a good guest in a Twitter chat:

  1. Find out who the host or hosts are so you can follow their questions in the chat.
  2. Try to catch up on the topic without expecting people to stop and reexplain things, it's not really possible to do that in a Twitter chat.
  3. Don't drop links to your blog.
  4. Be respectful of the people in the chat. If it's not your thing than you can leave but don't be rude.
  5. Retweet the questions if the chat gets busy so people can follow them.
  6. Tweet responses to questions and talk to other people in the chat.
  7. If there is a guest in the chat, don't try to tweet them if they are following the hosts questions and responding.
  8. Some chats have everyone responding to the questions, some just the guest. Make sure you follow the chat format.
  9. Thank the host and guests at the end of the chat.

It's a lot of fun to be a guest in a Twitter chat and to host one as well.Β If you're thinking about creating a Twitter chat, these are some suggestions that I have:

1. Find a unique, short hashtag that explains what your chat is about. Ex: #MyBookClub and #PinChat are both short and easy to remember. Check the hashtag to make sure that it isn't already in use and also check Twubs to register your hashtag once it's set.


2. Personally invite people to your chat the day of the chat.

3. Don't pester people too much about it or only talk about your chat all the time. It gets annoying.

4. Tweet into your hashtag with content that's relevant to your chat topic or just use it to say thanks for coming the next day.

5. Add your chat hashtag to your Twitter bio so people can check it out.

6. Have fun!

It takes time to build a following for a Twitter chat so you'll need to be patient and consistent.

Here's a quick video from a Google+ hangout with Jessse Wojdylo and Michael Bennett. They asked some questions about Twitter and Twitter chats. They've started a new chat on Twitter called #GooglePlusChat. You should check it out on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm ET.

And, of course, stop by #MyBookClub on the first Monday of the month at 8 pm. You're always invited! What are some of your favorite Twitter chats and hosts?

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