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Getting Social on Google+ {video}

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People new to Google+, or on any new social platform, often wonder how to meet people. I got together with two friends, Stephan Hovnanian and Megan Sheakoski, that I met on Google+ who both excel within the Google+ platform in both how it works and how to connect with other Plussers. We talked about the way that we manage circles, use our home stream, and talked a bit about communities.

I hope you get some ideas for Google+ circle management and overall Google+ tips from this short video. The bottom line is there is no one way or right way to do anything. We gave our perspectives on what has worked for us in the past and what we are trying now.

Things to try on Google+

Getting social on Google+
Getting social on Google+

1. Engage in people's comment stream on their profiles. People post publicly so people will see them.

2. Make sure you post according to the community guidelines.

3. Share other people's content as well, not just your own.

4. Use your circles to add people who you don't want to miss on Google+. Circle them and make a special circle for the people you love, build your own “Never Miss a Post” circle.

5. No one sees the titles of your circles, these are private to you.

6. Use circles to curate content. Create a circle on people who post great content so you can share it.



7. Mark Traphagen's post on Circle Management: How to Adjust the Volume in Your Home Stream.

8. Circle shared circles from other people when you are new so you can find some people follow.

9. Your Google+ circle strategy will evolve and change over time.

10. When you start out, all the best conversations are on other's people's profiles. Don't worry that your post isn't getting noticed, keep engaging with others and you'll meet people who will come check out your content.

11. Circle people because you have an interest in them and their content.

12. Have fun!


What things help you meet new people in a new online social arena? How to you like to communicate best with people on Google+ I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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