Be Positive!

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 Each of our acts makes a statement as to our purpose.

― Leo Buscaglia

Everyday you have a choice when you wake up. What will it be? Be positive OR be something else? Choose positive! Let your life be brighter and more happy.

Sure, you will still have bills, flat tires and a host of other unsightly bumps in the road but your attitude is the deciding factor.

Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic. If something is not to your liking, change your liking.

― Rick Steves

Some fabulousness from Pinterest:


From Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love:  You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control.

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Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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  1. YOU are the positive light in my life, Peg! Just seeing your smiling face and tweets brightens my day! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Peg, 

    I really enjoyed this uplifting little post. The quotes are great and the Pinterest shares illustrate it well. Also, thanks for sharing such positivity on Twitter!

    PS, I signed up for Pinterest and there is a wait list – any thoughts?

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thanks for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated. Sometimes a fun little post is just the right thing!

      I sent you a Pinterest invite, it is still in beta but people who are signed up can invite others. I KNOW you will love it.


  3. Very nice, uplifting piece. I enjoyed it and your inspirational Pinterest. TY & aloha!

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