1. Rebekah Redice, Nice piece of article . As far my personal experience is concerned,in fact, there is no hard bound rules by following which one can have success. Many of suggestions,like, putting questions at the end of saying. I agree that until readers thoughts are provoked he/she does not react. Reaction or response is the real feed back. In my off-line ads I am doing this experiment and getting response too.
    Thanks for remembering me. Stay connected. Love.

  2. This is not a comment but feed back. Some years back people were getting fascinated to online social media but now situation is some what different. No doubt new comers keep on adding but matter is how many out of these entrants stay connected and get success. As far my interaction within my circles is concerned popularity of online social media is falling drastically.
    As you may be aware that I am a teacher. Teacher has to be in touch with young and raw minds and this gentry is most targeted audience because they are the people who can build or destroy something. Parents are becoming very protective and proactive so that their wards may not fall in the “traps” laid online. I am using word ‘trap’ because when some one is doubtful about some thing, he/she sees only negative side of the coin only.
    Here in Delhi NCR, many Schools are becoming very strict about usage of online social media. Why?
    What so ever you share,last time, as suggestions/advise have been more effective offline.
    Last time, you shared 11 tips regarding subject of conversation. Out of that 2-3 were already within the radars of my reflections. But I incorporated 2-3 more to use. So out of 11 tips I used at least 5-6 tips for my offline conversations and they have been very effective.
    Okay, bye until next connectivity.
    Love and have a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. Great post! These tips will surely inspire everyone to get creative on Instagram. It is, by far, the most creative social platform. Making sure that putting time and effort into making photos look good and by using these strategies as a springboard for own ideas for a company building a strong marketing strategy first step to be successful! Also I’d like also to highlight as well another tool for media marketing that is not mentioned in this post, I’m talking about reviews. The flow of reviews on your website generate continuous fresh content marketing! Other positive aspects of using a feedback system are the increase of the CTR (Click-Through-Rate), the decrease of PPC, the activation of Google seller ratings extension, the boost the conversion rate and the Google five golden stars! Last but not least, reviews are the best way a company has to increase its transparency and reliability!



  4. Hi Peg,

    Thank you for the great article.
    I think consistency is the key in social media. The brand story should be communicated in a consistent brand storyline. This is what great brands do.

    I am just worried to swe a trend of using social media as any other traditional media, no two way communication. This is troubling.



  5. Great advises, thanks you for sharing! I’d like the article even more if you’d added some useful applications. I think they’re a crucial time-saver, so i’m always looking for new ones luckily they’re released quite often. I personally use about 5+ different apps on daily basis. I can’t imagine editing without Whitagram and VSCO Cam because i don’t like instagram’s everlasting filters. Efficient management is impossible without detailed statistics, so Iconosquare.com is my choice. When it comes to following management i use fast-unfollow.com to easily get rid of up to 5000 users not following me back in one day. And finally a scheduler – latergram.me in my case – to keep posting consistently. For most of these apps there are analogues, but always inferior: they have either higher price or fewer functions. If you know some interesting apps please do suggest them to me, i’d highly appreciate that 😉

  6. Thanks for this strategy, coz it’s really achievable. In any event, do not forget to play up such things as Schedugram or Hootsuite. Use them, and they’ll be awesome assistants in your wat to success. By the by, check zengram.net.

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