Seriously Boost your Pinterest Strategy

Wondering how you can seriously boost your Pinterest strategy? I’ve asked some fantastic Pinterest users to share three things with me: a top tip, their favorite Pinterest board, and a few pinners that they love to follow. You’ll learn some great tips to start your Pinterest strategy or boost what you are doing as well as get some insight into what works for them.

Melissa Taylor

melissa Favorite Pinterest Tip Try your own performance testing to discover the best time of day to pin. I call this the pin-delete-pin strategy. Pin the same pin at strategic times throughout the day, delete, and try again. Watch how well it does over 4 hours. Record both the time and the repin activity. Delete and pin again, tracking it’s performance several more times during the day. At the end of the day, you should have some decent information about when your followers are most active.

Favorite Pinterest Board I love inspiring ideas for encouraging kids to read and write so this is my favorite board: Writing, Learning and Literacy Ideas for Kids.

Favorite Pinners This is a hard one — there are so many and each for different topics!! I love Megan Sheakoski of Coffee Cups and Crayons for her kid-related variety and quality pins. For food, Damn Delicious and Foodie Crush . You said one. I’m stopping now. So hard . . . I could keep going all day.

Rebekah Radice

rebekah Favorite Pinterest Tip Take the time to make your Pinterest profile shine!

·      Share details about who you are, what you do and what clients you serve. Be clear and concise. You never want to leave room for assumptions.

·      Know the keywords and phrases used to locate your particular business or service.

·      Use Pinterest as a platform for thought leadership by incorporating your message and mission into everything you pin.

Favorite Pinterest Board My favorite Pinterest board is “Social Media Infographics,” which is chock-full of educational, creative, and strategic ways to use social media within your business.

Favorite Pinners This is a tough one! There are so many amazing people on Pinterest sharing incredible content. You are definitely one of those Peg! Two other pinners I would highly recommend are: Katherine Kotaw – Whether you follow her on Google+, Twitter or Pinterest, Katherine is fun, enthusiastic and a fantastic engager! Irene Becker – Irene’s pins are full of valuable content. With over 20,000 pins, you will find everything from business and communication tips to social media and marketing ideas.

Paul Biedermann

paul Favorite Pinterest Tip I like to follow up with people who’ve repinned my custom pins by giving them a like, thanking them in the comments, or maybe repinning something of theirs as well. I think it’s always good to reciprocate when you can and stimulate the social engagement aspect of Pinterest as you would on any other social network. I also recommend going down the rabbit hole of other recommendations that Pinterest provides after you’ve repinned something — that has led to all kinds of great discoveries (and late nights)!

Favorite Pinterest Board Typographic Design — The art of designing with type, fonts, letterforms and anything else alphabet-like. I think I’ve curated some pretty incredible examples from around the world and throughout design history — it’s amazing to see what can be done with just words and letters. It is also incredibly difficult to do well. But what I really love most about typographic design is the economy of it all — the content IS the design!

Favorite Pinners There are so many experts in my industry that I follow from around the world, so it’s tough to pick just one. But I did just recently come across Ricky Feynman who has some excellent collections of pins. I also enjoy following people I know and respect from the other social platforms, of course.

Megan Sheakoski

megan Favorite Pinterest Tip Once you find someone you like (AKA want to stalk) on Pinterest click on her pins–instead of just browsing her boards or following her in your stream make a point to stop by and see what she’s been pinning lately.  This is my favorite way to find new content! You can’t keep up with everything being shared in Pinterest and sometimes the home feed can be overwhelming so this is a great way to see at a glance what you may have missed.

Favorite Pinterest Board I should totally say my Coffee Cups and Crayons board to promote myself, but my favorite one is Acts of Kindness for Kids {and You!}  because it makes me so happy!

Favorite Pinners I am totally obsessed with Michael Wurm, Jr. right now!

Anna Bennett

anna Favorite Pinterest Tip My tip has to do with board titles:

  • be direct and obvious
  • include key words
  • include an identifiable Pinterest category

These three elements will help to increase your odds of being found via the Pinterest search. These three points are important because pinners use plain and direct language in their searches just like they do on Google.  If a pinner was looking for a tennis racquet they would use the actual words “tennis racquets” in their search they would not use “fun with strings”.  One term is direct and the other is obscure. Below is an example of an obscure board title: See attachment –  “Need an emotional lift?” How many pinners will actually search that term? My guess is very few. Hence very few people will ever discover this board. A better way would be to include the word “Quote” because it is a Pinterest category and more directly related to what this board is about. A better title would be:

  • Happy Quotes
  • Quotes To Live By
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Uplifting Quotes

example of a pinterest board

Favorite Pinterest Board My favorite board is Pinterest Marketing Tips For Business + Pinterest Infographics group board because I love learning what matters most to Pinterest users.

Favorite Pinners I love following C. Vollmert because they share many of my interests and similar style tastes.

Jeff Sieh

jeff Favorite Pinterest Tip My favorite Pinterest tips is to use secret boards to preload new content.  If I’m want to start a new board, I create a secret board, load it up with some pins, then make it public.  That way I’m not being spammy by flooding my stream with a bunch of pins on the same subject.

Favorite Pinterest Board The community board that I own called Google+ Hangouts Worth Watching.  Some of the top G+ shows pin their content there and it’s a great place for people to find great Hangouts to watch.

Favorite Pinners Big fans of Mike Allton, Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice, Cynthia Sanchez and Anna Bennett.

My Pinterest

pinterest green army menFavorite Pinterest Tip Collaborate with other Pinterest users and talk about what strategies are working for them. Learning from others who are using Pinterest can spark ideas of your own and they may have thought of things that you wouldn’t have. Communicating on Pinterest isn’t ideal but you can connect with other pinners through Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Favorite Pinterest Board I love my Board of Happiness. It’s filled with things that make me happy.

Favorite Pinners Everyone who shared their tips, of course, as well as Kelly Lieberman, Kalebra Kelby, and Trey Ratcliff.

Thank you to everyone who shared a top and some insights into their Pinterest world! Let’s hear it from you! Who are your favorite pinners to follow on Pinterest and what do you learn from them?

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  1. actionjackson03 says

    All good tips here! I’d add that, if you have a blog with a few years’ worth of content, resurface the best evergreen content by updating it, adding some pinnable images, optimizing for search and pinning! You’d be amazed how much incremental traffic you can get by doing that. And it’s a whole lot easier than starting from scratch.

  2. KatherineKotaw says

    So excited to get a shout-out here.  I’m honored that Rebekah Radice included me in the company of such fantastic pinners and delighted to discover pinners I hadn’t known about before reading this post.  I’ve devoured all of your tips over the past seven months, Peg Fitzpatrick, so thank you!  I wouldn’t be on Pinterest, much less mentioned here, if it weren’t for your generous help.

  3. madlemmings says

    Hey Peg
    So many great tips from some awesome Pinners!
    I love Pinterest and what it has the power to do for Business and even blogs, and try to promote it wherever possible. It is bringing loads of traffic to my blog.
    Engaging is of course a great tip even for Pinterest (where comments are still limited :>). I think showing appreciation is always key.

    Sharing the love on SM

  4. says

    madlemmings  Businesses and blogs are fantastic on Pinterest. I loved seeing the little signs at Christmas for Top Pinned Item on Pinterest in the Target stores! 

    Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing!


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