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Be Positive: Ten Positive Women Totally Rocking Social Media

Be Positive: Ten Positive Women Totally Rocking Social Media

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For the final article in my Be Positive series, I want to share some of the positive women that I love in my social world.  These bright ladies are some of the shining stars I see each day when I sign on my computer. They have similar qualities: great leaders, helpful, and are all hard workers however; each also possess unique talents which make them standout in the socialsphere.

live in such a way

Choosing to be positive and maintaining a professional presence are important but doing so doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun or be unexpected. A few of these positive women have a snarky edge to them but it’s always meant with good will. Making the choice to present a positive, consistent social media presence can help build trust from your followers and build your personal brand.

Each time you post, tweet or make a comment on a blog, you are creating your personal brand. All these tiny pieces from around the web are woven together to create the impression that people make of you, they might see one tweet, your whole blog or your Facebook page but these should all match in tone and message.

Ten positive women rocking social media:

Some you may already know but I hope a few are new jewels for you to discover.

1. Rachel Thompson
2. Rebekah Radice
3. Jaana Nystrom
4. Jodi Okun
5. Jayme Soulati
6. Michelle Kay
7. Kelly Lieberman
8. Ginny Soskey
9. Kelly Kim
10. Stephanie Wanamaker

“We change the world a little each day with our kindness.” ― Tom Giaquinto

These women boost the social media world a little each day with their positive attitudes and kindness. I’m very thankful for them.  What women are rocking your social world?

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Featured image courtesy of  Kara Newhouse via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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