Feed the Content Monster: How to Curate Content

Feed the content monster

Learning to curate content for social media is a valuable and learnable skill. What is the content monster? This is the void for content marketers between content creation and content sharing. The content monster needs to be fed consistently. Content marketing is a great way for brands and small businesses to reach their clients and prospective clients. If you are creating your own media or blog content, content creation is a time-consuming and
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Content Curation Tips for Stellar Social Media

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What is content curation? It is the act of finding content to share throughout social media platforms. Finding relevant, interesting, and informative content to post is important for anyone in social media. There is an art and science to finding the best content and it is well worth your time to be thoughtful and careful in what you share. Give people a reason to follow you and keep following you! Per Beth Kantor, "Content curation is not
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